The Classic Publicity Cat

The Publicity Hound scratches vainly upon the closed door, yelps, drools and slobbers in the hope that someone, anyone, will notice him. But the Publicity Cat is stealthy, remaining in sight and just out of reach. Not inevitably unfriendly, he dispenses only as much attention as he needs to, which usually means he leaves them wanting more.

Classic Publicity Cats feed the Media Beast, but only on their own terms and only when the conditions are advantageous to them.

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Emmy Nominated “Trapped in the Closet” Will Air: Viacom Backs Down

South Park’s Scientology episode will now return to rotation. It was a shameful bowing to corporate pressure and to Tom Cruise’s hugely over-sized ego, but now that MI:3 is over and done with, Viacom discovers that it has some guts after all. While I’m afraid that their reputation for freedom of expression is shot, they do deserve some credit for doing the right thing eventually.

South Park: Trapped in the Closet

This South Park episode that was banned in Britain and originally pulled from its scheduled television timeslot in the United States by Viacom has been nominated for an Emmy. The Emmy nominee for best animated program is the episode of South Park that was said to have angered both Tom Cruise and Isaac Hayes. The episode called, Trapped in the Closet, implied that Cruise was gay and lampooned Scientology. The episode can be viewed from the link that is provided below:

Link: Trapped in the Closet

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