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Please read and pass along to your friends my own Blog It Forward of the Day: The Silence In The City

This is an absolutely wonderful “undiscovered gem” in the world of blogs. The Silence in the City publishes oustanding literary works, by authors who are generally unknown to readers. Nevertheless, as just pointed out the stories, articles and poems are extremely enjoyable, valuable literary compositions. Read and enjoy!!!

So what is this blog all about in particular? Well, it’s managed by a collective of creative people, all of whom have had their work rejected by The New Yorker, specifically the Talk of the Town section. The site is dedicated to publishing works by other authors that have been rejected, deemed “not up to snuff” by the editor(s) of Talk of the Town. The people who have joined together for this collective venture describe themselves as:

…a small group of writers and designers who are long-time subscribers to the New Yorker. When the magazine arrives at our doorstep each week, we read the Talk of the Town section first — and not just because it is in the front. It is also because we adore the section’s tone, subjects, and treatment. We adore them so much our spouses have started to worry and we’ve even submitted pieces to the TOTT. Silence of the City is a site dedicated to publishing stories once rejected by the Talk of the Town. From there, well, it’s just a short jog to the Talk of the Town. Think of SOTC as an extension of TOTT, just with a different acronym and much less famous writers. The journalist Carl Bernstein (Garfunkel to Woodward’s Simon), recently said: ” The wisdom of the ages cries out for silence.” We say: Amen.

A recent article by Dan Schulman in The Village Voice described an interview with one of the founders:

Rejection, of course, is simply a rite of passage for most writers. For Mac Montandon, though, it formed the seed of an idea. Since there was no shortage of writers like him who’d tried and failed to make The New Yorker’s pages, he figured there was an abundance of unpublished Talk stories lying around New York City. About a year ago he set out to provide a home for the orphan submissions, quietly launching, where he resurrects the unpublished contributions of Talk of the Town rejectees. Montandon insists the site is every bit a tribute to The New Yorker, not a parody of it. It maintains the look and feel of the magazine’s signature section down to the font and, in the top left corner, the profile of Eustace Tilly, the aristocratic fellow who appeared on the cover of The New Yorker’s first issue in February 1925 (and on many others since). On Silence, however, Tilly trades his monocle for an eye patch to reinforce the theme of the site—work that under other circumstances wouldn’t have seen the light of day.

I deeply hope that you’ll visit Silence in the City, enjoy the authors’ works there and Blog It Forward to Others !!!

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