The BBC: They’ve Got Their Eyes On You !!!


The BBC Turns To Surveillance of Bloggers

It’s become a a hackneyed observation to simply note that new technology has forever deeply changed Mainstream Media, including television. In terms of television programmers, in one way the biggest change is how much closer those who arrange program scheduling and content are to their audiences. For example, at the BBC, if a viewer emails a program editor during the program the chances are that the programmer will read the email almost instantly. Now, however, there is a new twist to the viewer–media communication arrangement. As a posting on the BBC website announced:

…Communication from you to us is not new. What I think is new is that we can now know what you are talking about and interested in without you ever telling us. Sounds sinister but it’s not really. It takes seconds on a site like Technorati to discover what people are talking about and searching for. This has begun to make an impact on the programme.


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