Free Digital Works: The Gutenberg Consortia Center

The Gutenberg Consortia Center, has been created to aid in the distribution and exchange of public domain eBook collections [as well as other copyrighted works for which they have received permission].The Gutenberg Consortia Center is designed for the collection and redistribution of eBooks that are public domain under the United States Copyright Laws. Gutenberg plans to open a Consortia Center for each of the major copyright terms throughout the world, starting with “Life +50 and Life +70.” This is of special interest for those studying in the classics, the history of ideas, or other related fields of history. The freely available materials are of special use for those wanting access to documents more related to antiquity, although the Consortia also makes available other important Central Intelligence Agency Documents, eBooks, eDocs and Arichival Movies.

The Consortia Center’s collections include: 21st Century, Action Adventure, Biography, Classics, Drama, Education, Elizabethans, Esoteric, Fiction, Folklore, Children’s, Gothic Tales, History, Liberal Arts, Mystery, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Political Science, Pulp Fiction, Religion, Renaissance Thinkers, Science, Science Fiction, Western, Europa, Eastern and Professional.

Access is Available at: The Gutenberg Consortia Center

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