Victor Skrebneski: Starkly Reductive Couturier Artistic Images

Victor Skrebneski: A Selective Photographic Gallery

Victor Skrebneski: Starkly Reductive Couturier Artistic Images

Skrebneski: The First Fifty Years

Slide Show: Victor Skrebneski/Starkly Reductive Couturier Artistic Images

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The Bloody PC-MAC Wars Continue: Ongoing Live Video Coverage of the Combat !!







By the conclusion of the third video in the series presented above for your viewing of recent developments in the ongoing PC-MAC World War, it certainly seems like MACINTOSH-BOY has been truly, thoroughly, severely, savagely drubbed and thumped by PC-MAN . But, in the next episode (hopefully to appear on-line in the next day or so) will the “MIGHTY MACINTOSH-MAN” get to the scene of this catastrophe in time to save his unfairly out-matched younger son from the terrible beating that he received from the much older and physically abusive PC-MAN ??

I’m sitting at the very edge of my computer desk right now, waiting for the next episode of this Official PC-MAC War Coverage to appear on-line. I must find out whether MACINTOSH-BOY will be liberated from his temporary state of slaughter by the heroic MACINTOSH-MAN !! Here’s hoping that the next episode shows up tomorrow…I have to get up from my desk to eat sometime !!!

Oh no….Now What’s happened to the PC-Windows Guy??



Picture of the Week: That “Love thy Neighbor” Thing–by “God”

This is a picture of a sign presently being displayed prominently next to a well-traveled street of shops in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Town leaders have been holding public meetings to hear and discuss concerns about a growing number of reported incidents of prejudicial slurs and bigoted behavior. For example, Jamaican workers reported being the target of racial slurs. In another incident, a woman was verbally accosted after signing a petition that opposed same-sex marriage, they said.

Residents of Provincetown say that the increase in prejudicial behaviors appears to coincide with the increasing public focus upon the very heated issue of “gay marriage,” as well as the highly-publicized federal immigration policy debates. Provincetown, which highly values its long-standing national reputation for strongly embracing a long tradition of socio/cultural openness and tolerance, is taking the concerns extremely seriously, although police say that at this time they do not consider the incidents to be hate crimes.

Digital Joy and Bush Bubble-Boy

A Blissful Release of All Your Tension: Press Here

And If That Doesn’t Work, Try This:

Release All of Your Pent-Up Aggressive Feelings: Bush Bubble-Boy

Donald Hall: The New Poet Laureate of the United States

A Moment At Home With Donald Hall

If a particular setting can act as motivation for a poet’s creative inspiration, “Eagle Pond Farm” certainly does that for Donald Hall. In 1865, Mr. Hall’s great-grandfather, Benjamin Keneston, bought the old farmhouse, which was originally built in 1803. Mr. Hall is pictured above sitting in his office, which is one of the same rooms in which he spent years reading as a child growing up in the old house many years ago.

When Mr. Hall and his wife left their faculty appointments at The University of Michigan and moved back to his Wilmot, New Hampshire, ancestral home, their lives changed completely. They went from being fairly active in university social circles, to leading lives of creative solitude. The old, well-worn house rambles around with rather small pre-electricity sized-rooms, thanks to Mr. Hall’s great-grandfather’s additions, as well as to an addition that Mr. Hall and his late wife made by building a master bedroom and a full bathroom onto the first floor.

Today, the 200-year-old homestead is a collision of old-time New England and pop art: Andy Warhol prints and oversize covers of the Paris Review on the walls, a wood-stove in the living room, and an ancient, horse-drawn sled gathering dust in the barn. He writes in longhand, keeping his works-in-progress in a folder decorated with a kitten.

Hall is the author of numerous volumes of poetry, most recently ”White Apples and the Taste of Stone,” a collection of poems from 1946 to 2006. A memoir, ”The Best Day the Worst Day,” chronicles the marriage to his late wife, poet Jane Kenyon.

I do not understand, or at least cannot account for, the somewhat eccentric “candlestick stuff” in the forefront of the top picture.


To grow old is to lose everything.

Aging, everybody knows it.

Even when we are young,

when a grandfather dies.

Then we row for years on the midsummer

pond, ignorant and content. But a marriage,

that began without harm, scatters

into debris on the shore,

and a friend from school drops

cold on a rocky strand.

If a new love carries us

past middle age, our wife will die

at her strongest and most beautiful.

New women come and go. All go.

The pretty lover who announces

that she is temporary

is temporary. The bold woman,

middle-aged against our old age,

sinks under an anxiety she cannot withstand.

Another friend of decades estranges himself

in words that pollute thirty years.
Let us stifle under mud at the pond’s edge

and affirm that it is fitting

and delicious to lose everything.

Donald Hall

Gutenberg Consortia Distributes Historic eBooks, eDocs and Archival Movies

The Gutenberg Consortia Center, has been created to aid in the distribution and exchange of public domain eBook collections [as well as other copyrighted works for which they have received permission].The Gutenberg Consortia Center is designed for the collection and redistribution of eBooks that are public domain under the United States Copyright Laws. Gutenberg plans to open a Consortia Center for each of the major copyright terms throughout the world, starting with “Life +50 and Life +70.” This is of special interest for those studying in the classics, the history of ideas, or other related fields of history. The freely available materials are of special use for those wanting access to documents more related to antiquity, although the Consortia also makes available other important Central Intelligence Agency Documents, eBooks, eDocs and Arichival Movies.

The Consortia Center’s collections include: 21st Century, Action Adventure, Biography, Classics, Drama, Education, Elizabethans, Esoteric, Fiction, Folklore, Children’s, Gothic Tales, History, Liberal Arts, Mystery, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Political Science, Pulp Fiction, Religion, Renaissance Thinkers, Science, Science Fiction, Western, Europa, Eastern and Professional.

Access is Available at: The Gutenberg Consortia Center

The Precise Moment: An Unusual Alliance

The Moment Lightning Shared The Sky With A Rainbow

When a beautiful rainbow formed in the sky, people stopped and stared at the natural wonder. But then lightning sparked across the evening panorama, as two of nature’s most spectacular phenomena created an unusual alliance.

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