Guitar: Pachelbel’s Canon Rock

Funtwo: Pachelbel’s Canon Rock

About eight months ago, a mysterious image popped up on YouTube, the video sharing site that now shows more than 100 million videos a day. Known only as funtwo, a thin figure in a blue T-shirt, his eyes hidden by a beige baseball cap, was playing electric guitar. The video was called simply “Guitar.” The piece that funtwo played with mounting dexterity was an exceedingly difficult rock arrangement of Pachelbel’s Canon, the composition from the turn of the 18th century known for its solemn chord progressions. The exacting part is the canon itself: a counterpoint played over the bass, originally by the three violins.

Guitar sites, MySpace pages and a Polish video site called Smog linked to it, and viewers thundered to YouTube to watch it. If individual viewings were the equivalent of shipped records, “Guitar” would have gone gold almost instantly. Now, rapidly approaching eight million views, and a spot in the site’s 10 most-viewed videos of all time, this performance by funtwo would be platinum many times over. By following a series of clues, a New York Times reporter was able to trace funtwo’s video to Jeong-Hyun Lim, a 23-year-old Korean who taught himself to play the guitar over the course of the last six years. A close analysis of his playing style and a comparison of his appearance in person with that of the figure in the video, left little doubt that Mr. Lim is indeed the elusive funtwo.

On Oct. 23, 2005, Jeong-Hyun Lim first uploaded his video to a Korean music site called Mule. From there, an anonymous fan calling himself guitar90 copied it and posted it on YouTube with the elegant intro: “this guy iz great!!!” “Funtwo just pure ownz the world,” commented another. Over the past year, as funtwo’s videos have been broadly distributed on every major video sharing site, hundreds of other guitarists have tried their hands at the “Canon Rock.” Neoclassical guitar technique has fallen largely out of favor in American popular music. In the YouTube guitar videos, however, technical accomplishment itself carries a strong emotional component. Many of the new online guitarists began playing classical music as children; they are accustomed to a highly uneven ratio of practice to praise. Mr. Lim’s fans said they watch his “Canon Rock” video daily, because his accomplishments inspire them to work hard.

YouTube Awards for Funtwo’s Canon Rock

#1 – Most Discussed (All Time) – Music

#1 – Most Viewed (All Time) – Music

#1 – Top Favorites (All Time) – Music

Funtwo: Canon Rock

The original arrangement and performance of Canon Rock was by JerryC. JerryC (Jerry Chang) is a Taiwanese guitarist and composer. One of his best-known songs is the Canon Rock, which is a rock version of Pachelbel’s Canon in D. He is 24 years old, and has been playing the guitar for 7 years and piano for 10. The rock re-arrangement displays his technical virtuosity and creative abilities on the guitar, instantly making him a internet phenomenon. Following JerryC’s popularity, numerous covers of Canon Rock have been made in an attempt to emulate JerryC’s unique style. The best-known cover is the one presented above by funtwo, whose performance has become a video phenomenon; interestingly, it has far surpassed the popularity of JerryC’s own original performance of the Canon. As an unsigned artist, JerryC currently has a small repertoire of known covers and original compositions, including:

  • Canon Rock
  • Rock On
  • Whose Autumn
  • No More Distance
  • Alien Walker
  • Wedding in the Dream
  • I’m Alright (Neil Zaza cover)
  • Sweeping from Heaven
  • Tender
  • Beloved

JerryC: Canon Rock

JerryC: Canon Rock (Canon in D)

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68 Responses to “Guitar: Pachelbel’s Canon Rock”

    • anubis Says:

      I’m motivated to plays guitar because i saw someone played canon. It’s awesome~

  1. Jose DeSena Says:

    There is no question the talent of both players, Jerry c and Funtwo. I think you guys should see Ozielzinhos’s performance also. He is a great brazilian gospel guitar player with great skill. You can see it at: or at his web site:

  2. Tomek Says:

    great job!! I admire you!!
    Could you please send me the tabs for the Canno rock version???
    I would like to lern palying this.
    thank you in advance
    tomek from Poland

  3. Samuel Says:

    Greetings Earth People,X )

    Jerry C,Funtwo!! u two are the kings of electric guitar,i jux hope i can become as good as u both..
    Could u send me the tabs in a way that a twelve year old would understand…like..E,F,G and so on..
    I hope i’m not asking for too much…but thanks for inspiring me!

    Samuel from singapore

  4. Alana Says:

    I’m up late in New Zealand having watched Lim’s (aka Funtwo’s) amazin guitaring…WOW! Watching You is so inspiring for me…just what I needed to pick up that electric guitar again…I’m a new learner…..did a search to know more and came upon this site…Will you be doing a local show in Auckland anytime soon? I will keep my ears/eyes open for that. I would appreciate the tabs for the song too! Gorgeous!! Must check out Jerry C too …Glad I did search for favs on – Thank you for sharing your magic with us!

    Heart Blessings,


  5. Randy Says:

    you guys are awsome!!!! I have been playing for 15 years and i scale alot but not like that. how or what scale pattern are you guys useing? I live in the USA in kentucky so you guys are been heard around every where good job and good luck with everything.

  6. disembedded Says:

    Thanks very much for everyone’s comments!

  7. shane Says:

    that song is awsome . where can u find the tabs for it?

  8. matthew Says:

    i’ve watched the funtwo’s video a hundred times and it’s a real pleasure all the time. I haven’t found the tabs of funtwo. it’s not the same as JerryC and I prefer Funtwo. Nobody could send me the tabs of funtwo please?
    if you can, send me at or let a link on this site thanks.

  9. impact Says:

    If you search it with Google, tryin’ to find files Gp4 or Gp5 (guitar pro)….. I think it works cuz last year, I found the tab by this way of searching. But now… damn it… My harddisk died…!

  10. William Says:

    OH MY GOSH!…are the only words I can say. That is the best guitar playing I have ever seen. YOu guys have truly inspired me.Please tell me were i can find the tabs.I sing the tune in my head every day.

  11. Adi Says:

    Hi dudes ,i think that many great guitar players could learn from you two .All your songs are preaty cool,but cannon rock really rulez !!!!!Please send my some gp tabs of cannon rock , I will start learning it .Thanx and rock on!!!!!!!
    Adi from poland

  12. Sam Says:

    Funny very much
    Nobody could send me the song of funtwo please?
    if you can, send me at or let a link on this site thanks.

  13. brooke Says:

    hey dude man you rock, do you think someone could send me the tabs to this? my screen name is, if someone could send those tabs it would be much appreciated, thanks, keep rockin

  14. YVONNE Says:



  15. YVONNE Says:


  16. Vincent de Jong Says:

    You know what would be great?
    If someone organised a rock battle between jerryc and funtwo..:) Vince-
    The netherlands

  17. Kevin Nguyen Says:

    hey man sound so good can anyone send me a real guitar Tab for this song please may e mail is
    thanks a lots

  18. sam Says:

    this song is so nice can any one send me the tabs
    my adress is

  19. Kenshinzuka Says:


  20. Antonio Roberto Says:


  21. Simes Says:

    Possibly agree with Roberto’s assessment…

    Have to say that in my opinion JerryC takes the honors..

    Love that slightly on the edge vibe.. This is the reason I really rate Satch, whereas Vai is probably the more technical player.. Satch is a total blast + much more emotion.

    JerryC, take a bow!

  22. ED Says:

    holy crap they are both so good. i’ve been playin for like a year
    and when i heard it i was like holy crap. and it really got me to want to step up and play better. but i think funtwo is better than jerry. but dont get me wrong their both awesome.
    i like funtwo because well its not so high on the neck. but please could someone post a tab on the funtwo version please
    b/c theres the jerry one on here. or send me one to my email address

  23. Alex Says:

    Hi guys, I am so into this video. I just have been looking for this guy since June of last year haha ^^, but know I found him, and I just can’t stop listening to this sing, so I just have to get the tabs of FunTwo, I respect both of them, but as said, I think funtwo is more into it, so please someone leave the tabs for funtwo on this email : Thanksto all of you

  24. jeff Says:

    can somebody please send me a guitar tab for carol rock it’s an other song of funtwo my adress is thanks

  25. headbanger Says:

    I want the tab of canon rock and funtwo as well. They are the best in each kind. But I will just get it later because I am busy right now.

  26. Kevino Says:

    I want carol rock too, headbanger go to Can someone send me it pls?

  27. Camilo Says:

    Is it possible to hire funtwo? please let me know.

    Camilo Giraldo

  28. sammaShI Says:

    yo guys i like canon rock and im learning jerry c version i ead that funtwo’s is a little easier so i would like to get it tab if its possible to learn it first then i rreturn back to jerry c’s version here is my email :

  29. UltimateWilliam Says:

    where to get the background music that we could also play along?

    how can i be you..? Idol!

  30. bawit Says:

    hey can anyone send me a real guitar tabs of this one? really inspired by only 16 yrs old. female but im a fine guitar player. please! my email is

  31. devos Says:

    yr reely cool can u plz giv me the tabs so i can play like u

  32. joachim Says:

    hey jerry c plz visit my site.. and can someone send me realy tabs for canon rock.. on english. 😛 my email is

  33. Chewy Says:

    Oh my god you guys rock! Me and a mate have been looking for tabs to funtwo’s version of canon. Is there any chance it can be sent to me?, thanks

  34. James Buchannon Says:

    Hehehehe…just checked out the vids…..nice sweep picking, guys- there’s a LOT of Nuno influences there….. actually I heard a bit of Yngwie, too…

    That was not too bad, but not original…..not bad, tho…


    (Btw- by “not original”: I have heard two guitarists play this piece: Yngwie Malmsteen and Jason Becker…and that was back in the “shred” days of rock…..these guys could FREAKIN’ ROCK!!!!!)

  35. James Buchannon Says:

    Oh, and one other thing- the tabs are a bit off….but then again, when you’re playing at something like a zillion 64ths, do you REALLY want to tab it all???



  36. Al Gordon Says:

    Hey, i’m from australia, i’ve learned the first half of jerry c ‘s version but i would like to learn funtwo’s version, could anyone send me the tabs if they even exist.


    P.S. check out the funny photos on my website and make sure you sign the guest book

  37. israel Says:

    yo im here in peru n i also love da guitar but y is it dad jerric c tabs are not da same to ur tabs FUNTWO: CANON ROCK, yeah u da boy dad has a cap on an dosent let his face be seen I like ur tab better than Jerric c

  38. chillum87 Says:

    Just Fantastic! Downloaded the tabs but am desparate for the background music so I can improve my playing and hopefully make myself sound better. Please please please can you help


  39. Niurkute Says:

    Oh my gud your song Cannon Rock is fantastic !!!!!!! beautifulll ;]*****

  40. jordan Says:

    hey guys i was just wondering if u guys could make a vid to teach ppl how to play canon rock, that would be awesome!

  41. Gusti in Bali Says:

    You two are great guitarists….
    I Just wanna be like you two….
    Mr. JerryC….Can you give me the Cannon rock background music ?
    Please i need it so…
    I want to practice your song…
    Please send it to my email…

    thanks a lot…. Keep Playing bro…

  42. Gabriel Says:

    Hi mans, can anybodye send me the tab of Carol Rock pls.. thx my msn is thank very much and bb.

  43. dom Says:

    dude can some one send me the tabs for carol rock to

  44. Gusti in Bali Says:

    You two are great guitarists….
    I Just wanna be like you two….
    Mr. JerryC….Can you give me the Cannon rock background music ?
    Please i need it so…
    I want to practice your song…
    Please send it to my email…
    thanks a lot…. Keep Playing bro…

  45. halak Says:

    Hi all 😀
    Could you please send me a background Carol Rock and Overture 1928. Plx send me fast on

    Tomek from Poland

  46. johnnz Says:

    This is a freakin’ good song!!

  47. Doug the Online Guitar Expert Says:

    Love the Pachebel canon vid.

    A lot of my guitar students are now playing classical violin music on the electric guitar. Paganini’s 24th caprice is a monster. Try it. Bach also works great.

  48. MIKE Says:

    classic dude 😀

  49. Tyler Says:

    hey man nice can you send me the Tabs for Canon Rock id really appreciate it

  50. Tyler Says:

    and also im searching for the background music for cannon rock on limewire what do I search? Pachelbel’s canon?

  51. mark Says:

    amazing song and musician, one can only hope to be as talented one day.

  52. Sandra Says:

    After seeing the Funtwo-version of Canon I’m dying to be his stalker. In a very unhealthy kind of way. (But he’s so awesome, anyone ever noticed that? How awesome he is? I have.)
    If you too are a diehard Funtwo-fan, please don’t hesitate to add me on MSN. Right now.

  53. Mart Says:

    You two are great guitarists….
    I Just wanna be like you two….
    Mr. JerryC/ Mr Funtwo….Can you give me the Cannon rock background music and guitar pro tabs ?
    Please i need it so…
    I want to practice your song…
    Please send it to my email…

  54. Chris Says:

    Anyone who could make the tabs of funtwo’s version of canon rock.I haven’t found the tabs of funtwo. it’s not the same as JerryC and I prefer Funtwo. Anybody pls send me the tabs of funtwo please?
    if you can, send me at

  55. James Says:

    Funtwo’s version of canon rock has a clearer sound and has more tricks.I haven’t found the tabs of funtwo. it’s not the same as JerryC and I prefer Funtwo. Nobody could send me the tabs of funtwo please?
    if you can, send me at

  56. kenna Says:

    please send me this music

  57. Jerka Says:

    Nice Nice….
    Please can u send me the background to Canon Rock??

  58. ben Says:

    o wow these songs are so hardcore! this is like the ultimate song to play to show if your a guitar genious.. plz plz plz send me the tabs for both of these songs i need to try to show off. and the background music plz and thank you.and here is my email

  59. jake Says:

    Awesome songs. i like Funtwo better though.
    i listen to it on the way to school every day

  60. emre Says:

    i need Canon rock ‘ s tab. can you send me?

  61. Alexey Says:

    Both performances are amazing.
    I recommend all of you watch also “The NEW Canon rock” by one French guy Matt Rach who used the backing track from Jerry C but did his own unbelievable version!
    It’s on YouTube, of course.

  62. zeck Says:

    can u send to me background music.. please…..
    send to

  63. budijaya Says:

    where’s the tab guitar pro for canon rock ?????????????

  64. Peacemaker Says:

    I love this song, reminds me of how much I love music. Unforntunatly I haven’t got to learn it yet. Does anybody now where I can find Jerry Cs canon rock correct, and I mean CORRECT tabs. Big thanks

  65. Glenn Says:

    It’s just great seeing a ‘bedroom’ guitarist get noticed and get the recognition he deserves – Youtube has made it so easy for us…
    Anyone looking for the official tabs, there was an issue of one of the guitar mags (guitar world, guitar one?) that had the complete and more importantly correct tab for this.

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