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Please read and pass along to your friends my own Blog It Forward of the Day: Funtwo: Pachelbel’s Canon Rock

Funtwo: Paschelbel’s Canon Rock

Funtwo: Paschelbel’s Canon Rock

About eight months ago, a mysterious image popped up on YouTube, the video sharing site that now shows more than 100 million videos a day.  Known only as funtwo, a thin figure in a blue T-shirt, his eyes hidden by a beige baseball cap, was playing electric guitar.  The video was called simply “Guitar.”  The piece that funtwo played with mounting dexterity was an exceedingly difficult rock arrangement of Pachelbel’s Canon, the composition from the turn of the 18th century known for its solemn chord progressions.  The exacting part is the canon itself: a counterpoint played over the bass, originally by the three violins.

Guitar sites, MySpace pages and a Polish video site called Smog linked to it, and viewers thundered to YouTube to watch it.  If individual viewings were the equivalent of shipped records, “Guitar” would have gone gold almost instantly.  Now, rapidly approaching eight million views, and a spot in the site’s 10 most-viewed videos of all time, this performance by funtwo would be platinum many times over.  By following a series of clues, a New York Times reporter was able to trace funtwo’s video to Jeong-Hyun Lim, a 23-year-old Korean who taught himself to play the guitar over the course of the last six years.  A close analysis of his playing style and a comparison of his appearance in person with that of the figure in the video, left little doubt that Mr. Lim is indeed the elusive funtwo.

On Oct. 23, 2005, Jeong-Hyun Lim first uploaded his video to a Korean music site called Mule.  From there, an anonymous fan calling himself guitar90 copied it and posted it on YouTube with the elegant intro: “this guy iz great!!!”  “Funtwo just pure ownz the world,” commented another.  Over the past year, as funtwo’s videos have been broadly distributed on every major video sharing site, hundreds of other guitarists have tried their hands at the “Canon Rock.”  Neoclassical guitar technique has fallen largely out of favor in American popular music.  In the YouTube guitar videos, however, technical accomplishment itself carries a strong emotional component.  Many of the new online guitarists began playing classical music as children; they are accustomed to a highly uneven ratio of practice to praise.  Mr. Lim’s fans said they watch his “Canon Rock” video daily, because his accomplishments inspire them to work hard.

YouTube Awards for Funtwo’s Canon Rock

#1 – Most Discussed (All Time) – Music

#1 – Most Viewed (All Time) – Music

#1 – Top Favorites (All Time) – Music

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26 Responses to “Blog It Forward: Funtwo’s Canon Rock”

  1. Love FunTwo Says:

    I love FunTwo’s Canon Rock. He is incredible boy! His skill is beyond human’s. 5 stars.

  2. disembedded Says:

    Dear Love FunTwo,

    Thanks very much for your comment!!

  3. Rexter Says:

    I’ve played the guitar for more than 15 years now. Mr. Lim shows trough Canon how humble I really should be. It is a true joy watch him play.

  4. disembedded Says:

    Dear Rexter,

    Yes, it is amazing to watch him! Thanks for your response.

  5. bojangles Says:

    for Gods sakee this song is not by funtwo, its JerryC. Funtwo did a bad cover of it.

  6. disembedded Says:

    Hi Bojangles,

    You’re right that the ORIGINAL composition was by JerryC. However, funtwo doesn’t claim to have made the original composition. And on a previous posting about Canon Rock on this site, you will see that I do include a video of JerryC playing his own composition. Thanks much for your comments !!

  7. DDR_Guitar_Kid Says:

    Funtwo is pretty good I give him credits for playing the song and for teaching himself how to play a guitar that’s pretty amazing. I wish to be like him I’ll try my best in doing so. I just started last week but I’ll manage to learn the “Canon Rock” song without lessons. one question though. Is he shy in the camera just covering his face is just wierd but wuteva. Also did he post any tabs for his version?

  8. disembedded Says:

    Dear DDR Guitar Kid,

    Thanks for your comment. Never thought about the issue of “shyness,” but in other pictures he seems quite open. Don’t know if any tabs have been posted. Thanks again.

  9. davi2k6 Says:

    hi, im too teching myself how to play the guitar and would love to have someting to show me how to play that song! if anyone has notes to it pleas send them to

  10. erio Says:

    funtwo should record it in a studio and sell a CD … I would gladly pay to buy a Hi quality CD of Canon …

  11. davi2k6 Says:

    yes i think so two

  12. disembedded Says:

    Yes, I wonder why some recording studio hasn’t signed him up. After the millions of hits he’s gotten just on YouTube, it seems pretty clear that an official recording might be a very hot seller!

  13. Chaite Says:

    Theres the tab for the song.

    Have a good one.

  14. disembedded Says:

    Hi Chaite,

    Thanks for passing on this information!

  15. Eppi92 Says:

    I believe that the link Chaite posted is the link for JerryC’s edition of the song, not Funtwo’s edition. JerryC wrote the music (the guitar part) and then Funtwo added some notes to make it his own. Has anyone got the link for Funtwo’s tab?

  16. disembedded Says:

    Actually, as far as I’ve been told, funtwo used JerryC’s tabs, which can be found at:

    Canon Rock Tab by Jerryc at http://www.Ultimate-Guitar.Com

  17. daniel Says:

    can I get a tab for this?

  18. Radziq Says:

    I need TABULATURE for this canon:D:D:D MAYBE SOMEONE HAVE IT???? MY E-mail:

  19. Radziq Says:


  20. liam Says:

    i need guitar tab for this canon in d cos i worked out a bit and copied off the video but still cannot do some of the lead parts yet waaaaaaa!

  21. metalman Says:

    Did you hear from Yngwie Malmsteen.

    He is very much faster and more exactly than this guy funtwo.
    So that’s to say.

    I am going to play this song next year and I’m 15.
    So look at Yngwie, he’s great!

  22. Jm Says:

    where can i get a canon rock tab by FUNTWO?

  23. armyrulesz Says:

    i think funtwo the most greatest guitarist

  24. Aries Says:

    I think Jani is better:

  25. knives Says:

    More people are looking on Funtwo’s version of tab not jerry C’s. I tried to look everywhere but cant find one for those people saying that funtwo used jerry c’s tab is right but what we are looking for is the version of funtwo because he made changes on his version If youll listen you will hear the difference and thats what we want, already got the version of jerry c what I need is funtwo’s version!!! thanks…

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