“It’s Unacceptable to Think”: Bush’s Enraged Response to Colin Powell

President Bush Declares that Thinking is Unacceptable

Keith Olbermann’s recent television editorial against the ever-more dictatorial Bush administration deconstructs the President’s extremely mean-spirited challenge to Congress Friday, zeroing in on one key phrase. Olbermann ends his movingly incisive commentary by challenging the President’s assertion of the government’s right to censor our minds, quoting Voltaire’s strong defense of every man’s right to freedom of thought and expression.

Bush Spews Forth His Venom

Keith Olbermann

4 Responses to ““It’s Unacceptable to Think”: Bush’s Enraged Response to Colin Powell”

  1. shadmia Says:

    Keith Olbermann could not have said this any better. Bush is out of control. Let’s see what happens to his control of congress after the nov. elections

  2. disembedded Says:

    Dear Shadmia,

    As always, you are absolutely right! Olbermann brilliantly uncovered the exteremely dangerous “kernel” embedded in Bush’s already tyrannical tirade. Thank you so very, very much for your comments!!

  3. neath Says:

    I dont understand how this guy ever got elected, but understand even less how he got re-elected! It makes me sad to see the US becoming a place that it s whole foundations were determined not to become!


  4. disembedded Says:

    Hi Neath,

    Thanks for your comment!

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