Bronski Beat: Smalltown Boy


A viewer of Bronski Beat’s Smalltown Boy once wrote:

I just wanted to drop a note to thank you for linking to the video for Smalltown Boy.  It was, and still is one of my favorite songs, and to this day, I have it, as well as a Jimmy Sommerville version of “I Never Can Say Good-Bye” on a CD in my car, (along with other songs by Bronski Beat, The Communards, UB40 et all).

Being from a small town and being gay in the ’80’s was never easy.  I was a teenager in a small town in the 70’s, and it was even harder.  I endured black eyes, broken bones, ostracism, and generally being the town “fairy.”  Needless to say, on the day I turned 18, I was gone.  By the time this video came out, I had already met the love of my life (this past Sept was our 26th anniversary), but even now, some of the scars surface.

I had forgotten how gut wrenching some parts of that vid is.

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