Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger: Baring All…Well Almost


Orchid and Leaf in White Vase: Photograph by Robert Mapplethorpe

Arnold Schwarzenegger Smoking Manly Cigar: Photograph by Annie Leibovitz

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Richard Cheney: The White House “War Room”

It has been reported that from an early age Arnold Schwarzenegger had a personality that was driven to achieve international notoriety. Other reports have described how, soon after arriving in the United States from his native Austria, Schwarzenegger immediately began to curry the favors of anyone who could promote his ambitions, not infrequently extremely wealthy older men who were infatuated with his sturdy, muscular physique. Another champion of Schwarzenegger’s thirst for fame was Robert Mapplethorpe, the openly gay, lascivious photographer who was infamous, in part, for his body of porn/art photography.

Mapplethorpe, enamored of Schwarzenegger, was quick to become one of the growing group of people who lionized and fawned over Arnold. And Scharzenegger was quick to nourish those feelings in order to further his own career. He posed for the interesting pictures that are contained in the intriguing photographic slideshow presented below.

This posting is meant to be an illustration of one man’s calculated, seductive enshrinement of the worship of Flesh and Muscle. This, in some ways, reflects a deeper psychological issue, specifically the replacement of a “World of Words” by a “World of Flesh and Muscle.”

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