Leonard Cohen: Chelsea Hotel No.2

“A long time ago I met a beautiful young woman in an elevator in New York City.  I used to bump into her at about three in the morning every night.  After a while I gathered my courage and I said to her, “Are you looking for something?”  And she said, “Yes, I’m looking for something.” I knew by the tone of her voice that she wasn’t trying to realize some unfulfilled potential of her inner nature, that she was actually looking for something.  I said, “Who or what are you looking for?”  She said, “Kris Kristofferson.”  I said, “I am Kris Kristofferson.”  And I deceived her for many nights.  A long time after that, I found myself at a bar in a Polynesian restaurant in Miami Beach, leaning over a napkin and one of those drinks that they serve in a porcelain coconut shell.  I was writing a song to this very lady.  I was the very image of myself, 40 years old, thin, neglected with a great song on my mind.  It took me a while to finish it.  It’s for Janis Joplin at The Chelsea Hotel.

Leonard Cohen, 1985



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  1. wamylove Says:

    Thanks! I love Leonard Cohen!

  2. disembedded Says:

    I’m glad you liked the article. Very best wishes to you!

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