“God Hates Fags” Pastor Releases New Video


Last week, I posted an article about the God Hates Fags preacher.  Yesterday, I announced that he had been exposed as a hoax….that this pastor was actualy a professional actor, named Joey Oglesby!!  If you’d like to see his God Hates Fags music video again, you can view it here:

Incidentally, doing a little more sleuthing, I discovered that just a few months ago Oglesby starred as a “redneck racist” in a play entitled Jesus Hates Me, which was performed in Dallas.  Now, doesn’t it take just one tiny step to go from Jesus Hates Me to God Hates Fags? Certainly seems to be the case to me!


Today, Joe My God passed along this reference to a new video (C.H.O.P.S: DISTURBED) in Davies’ (actually, Oglesby’s) overly drawn-out dramatic piece:

I’m getting a bit tired of this drawn out drama.  Here’s Davies’ third performance.  He cries about being mocked for his weight again, “I can dunk a basketball!”  Still, his acting continues to be flawless and the logo is damn funny.  Check out the crane shot at the end.  This ain’t no cheap production.

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“Et Cetera” Is Chosen for The 2007 Weblog Award

2007 Weblog Awards – Blog Of The Day Awards – Top Blog Awards

Blog Of The Day Awards Winner

Blog of the Day Awards for Sunday January 28, 2007:

“The Blog of the Day Award goes to Et Cetera: Publick and Privat Curiosities. The website presents interesting news and cultural postings, as well as photography, slideshows and video. There is a whole series on Jennifer Hudson and The Golden Globes.”

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