Scissor Sisters: Trafalgar Square




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Here is the 45-shot rally played in the tennis match by Roger Federer against Leyton Hewett in the 2005 Indian Wells Final, which Federer won 6-2, 6-4, 6-4 to successfully defend his Pacific Life Open title:


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Stunning New Microsoft Software: Bill Gates Unveils Long-Awaited “Cardigan 2007”


NewsBiscuit, the world’s on-line source for hot, new information about news before it actually happens, announced today:

“The computer world was thrilled and amazed this week when Bill Gates finally unveiled the long-awaited ‘Cardigan 2007’.  It was the Microsoft C.O.O.’s first new knitwear in over eight years and is being heralded as the most advanced cardigan the softwear giant has ever developed.  ‘Today is a big day.  This cardigan marks a new era in smart-casual for us’,  Gates told the enthralled delegates.  ‘The double pockets can hold more parallel Biro’s than previous cardigans, and the combination of a zip and buttons makes this the most secure cardy I have ever worn.  The sleeves can be pushed up in warmer weather and further security add-ons such as leather elbow patches can be purchased separately.’

Cardigan 2007 is predicted to have 100m wearers worldwide within the next twelve months, but there are some concerns that the skinny slightly geek-like fit will not be suitable for every body shape.  Gates has pledged to continue to support the open-neck-ironed-shirt-no-tie look for another five years but his company is pushing hard to get everyone into cardigans as soon as possible.  However Microsoft may soon find their share of the market under challenge.  Rumours from Apple suggest that Steve Jobs is now planning to bring forward the launch of his much anticipated ‘Polo-neck Pro’.”

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New Survey Documents the Lives of Black Youth


The Black Youth Project examines the attitudes, resources, and culture of African-American young people ages 15 to 25, exploring how these factors and others influence their decision-making, norms, and behavior in critical domains such as sex, health, and politics.  Arguably more than any other subgroup of Americans, African-American adolescents and young adults reflect the challenges of inclusion and empowerment in the post–civil rights period.  When one looks at a wide array of some of the most controversial and important issues facing the country, African American young people are often at the center of these debates and policies.  Whether the issue is mass incarceration, affirmative action, the increased use of high-stakes school testing, HIV and AIDS, sex education in schools, or welfare reform, most of these initiatives and controversies disproportionately impact young, often vulnerable African-Americans.  However, in contrast to the centrality of African-American youth to the politics and policies of the country, their perspectives and voices generally have been absent from not only public policy debates, but also academic research.  This research project fills that void, placing African American young people at the center of our analysis and action.

The Black Youth Project Survey


Decades after the civil rights movement’s greatest achievements, African-American young people often see a world rife with discrimination, a new survey says.  And yet they remain optimistic about their chances for affecting social change.

Although African-American young persons are just as politically motivated as Hispanic and white adolescents and young adults , believing that they have the skills to participate and can make a difference, they are skeptical of the political process, asserting that, “leaders in government care little about people like me.”  This conclusion is the result of a new comprehensive national study of youth opinions, which also shows that black youth are more likely than Hispanics and whites to use protection during sex, are critical consumers of rap music and videos, and are more conservative in their social attitudes than other youth.

The study, entitled The Black Youth Project, was initiated in order to provide a more comprehensive and complex perspective of African-American youth, said Cathy Cohen, leader of the project and Professor in Political Science at the University of Chicago.  There has been a lot of talk about African-American youth from people like Bill Cosby.  Unfortunately, most of these comments are not grounded in any type of empirical reality.  Similarly, there have been a number of other studies of African-American young people, largely focused on the outcomes of their behaviors that do not include the voices and views of young black people.

The Black Youth Project is committed to making the ideas and attitudes of young people our central focus.  By asking young people themselves about important issues like sex education, police discrimination, abortion or same-sex marriage, the Black Youth Project is able to provide data that will help build effective policies that can significantly improve the lives and prospects of young black people.  This study is about research, not ranting,” said Cohen.

The team surveyed 1,590 black, white and Hispanic young persons nationwide between the ages of 15 and 25 to ask them about their sexual behaviors and attitudes, about their views on social and cultural issues, and their opinions on government and politics, as well as other topics.  The researchers also conducted in-depth interviews with about 40 young black people who completed the survey. To read more on the results of this national survey, please go here.

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