Franklin Delano Roosevelt: A Champion for the Common Man

Thanks to Andrew Sullivan at The Daily Dish for evoking memories of the late President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s voice, which is powerfully moving, even after all these years.  Perhaps especially so now.

The short film clip presented below is meant to be a brief tribute that is dedicated to the 32nd President of the United States: Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  His public charm matched his private struggles during his 13 years in the White House.  During much of his presidency, FDR was unquestionably the most vital figure in the nation, and perhaps the world.  He championed the common man and restored hope to the nation.  He led us through the two of the greatest American crises of the twentieth century, the Great Depression and World War II.  Above all, President Roosevelt’s optimism inspired the American people to believe they could accomplish anything they set out to accomplish.


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