107 Year-Old Olive Riley’s Blob is a Mega-Hit: But I’ve Been Banned in China!!



Dr. X, the author of the highly esteemed blog  Dr. X’s Free Associations,  clued me in on this developing issue.  It seems that a growing number of blogs are discovering that they’ve been banned in China–including this one!  Me, why???  107 year-old blogger Olive Riley has not only become an instantaneous international sensation, but she’s also readily available to viewers in China!  So, again, why me?  Why do I have to suffer this indignity at the hand of Chinese censors?

Okay, Dr. X has speculated to me semi-privately that perhaps my subversive psychological articles about persecution and resignation don’t sit very well with these Chinese censors.  I think that Dr. X may have a valid point.   And further, perhaps they don’t think too highly of my posting of Annie Leibovitz’s photographic studies of nudes, or of my slideshow of images, by the renowned photographer Robert Mapplethorpe and artist Jamie Wyeth, showing Arnold Schwarzenegger in the “buff” (during his early New York City “frisky” years).  And maybe they don’t like my Anna Nicole shrine pages.  I just don’t know why for sure–that’s part the mystery of being banned.  The days of Senator Joseph McCarthy’s “Blacklisting” have returned, only now the attack is both from within and from without.

I shall indeed lodge a heated formal complaint about this egregious affliction of unwarranted abuse by the Chinese government, in the name of their Glorious People’s Revolution, upon the very essence of my public persona!

The Banned:

Clinical Psychology and PsychiatryCommitment To Living (Anthony Pisani)Disembedded’s Et: Cetera (Me)Dr. Bliss,  Larval Subjects (the old site) and Larval Subjects (the new site).

These blogs have not yet been banned and can still be viewed in China:

Deception BlogDr. SanityDr. X’s Free AssociationsIn The Roomhawk worksLaura GonzalezLaura’s Psychology BlogModern Psychoanalysis,  Neo-neoconPsychoaShrinkwrapped, Stephen  Soldz.

If you’d like to test our your own site, go here.

But wait, there’s been a news update as further developments on this issue begin to roll in.  Dr. X is now reporting this:

More Friends Banned by The Chinese Government 

“Also Blocked by the Chinese government’s Great Internet Wall:

Decic Bownds MindblogHakim AbdullahNeurophilospherOver the Line, SmokeyWrithe Safely

And, because I damaged the Glorious People’s Revolution with my previous post on this subject, I have been blocked, too.”

4 Responses to “107 Year-Old Olive Riley’s Blob is a Mega-Hit: But I’ve Been Banned in China!!”

  1. frecklescassie Says:

    I am blogged too. I wonder why. The politics? Talk about religion? I dunno.

  2. frecklescassie Says:

    I meant to say …

    I am BLOCKED too. not BLOGGED. Oops.

  3. larvalsubjects Says:

    A good slip of the tongue nonetheless!

  4. Laura’s Psychology Blog » I feel left out….I’m not banned in China…. Says:

    […] was following up a link to my blog on Et Cetera, and discovered that unlike a number of psychology blogs, mine was NOT banned in China yet. I […]

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