YouTube Inaugurates First YTAwards


ABC News reported yesterday:

“Fifty years ago there were two award shows, one for movies and the other for television. In those days, there were only three TV networks and surfing was relegated to bodies of water.

Today, Americans have access to hundreds of television channels and countless Internet sites. To keep up with this tsunami of programming choices, hundreds of awards shows have popped up, honoring everything from the best of the best to the worst of the worst.

And now, not too far from the palm tree-lined streets of Hollywood, YouTube, the 900-pound gorilla of the Internet, has debuted its own awards.

From its online trove of millions of viral videos starring LonelyGirl15, AskaNinja or the Numa Numa guy, San Bruno, Calif.-based YouTube nominated 70 videos for consideration. The categories include “most creative” — innovative and cutting edge video — and “most inspirational” — things that make you think or feel. And let’s not overlook “most adorable” video ever — so cute it hurts.

Each of the seven categories (the envelope, please!) has 10 nominees selected from the site’s most watched and top-rated original videos. Last week, the site’s visitors were invited to watch and vote on YouTube’s award show page. YouTubers rated the videos from favorite to least favorite.

The YTA winners were announced today on the YouTube Awards Web page, According to YouTube, the winners will receive a trophy and are expected to post some sort of virtual acceptance speech on the site.”

And (long drumroll) The YTAwards for 2006 go to:


Best Music Video

Terra Naomi: Say It’s Possible

Most Creative

OK Go: Here It Goes Again

Most Inspirational

PeaceOnEarth 123: Free Hugs Campaign

Most Adorable

Madyeti47: Kiwi

Best Comedy

Smosh Short 2: Stranded

Best Commentary

Thewinekone: Hotness Prevails

Best Series

Digitalfilmmaker: Ask A Ninja

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