Sanjaya: But Was It Bad Enough to Win Again??

Sanjaya: “Cheek to Cheek”

I Knew I’d Seen That White Suit Thing Before…

Sanjaya continued to star in his role as the worst of the bunch on American Idol this week, but then that was true last week too. At this point, he knew that a lot of people would hate him regardless of what he did. Giving up his flaming pony-hawk hairdo from last week, Sanjaya’s performance of “Cheek to Cheek” certainly wasn’t anything to write home about.

When Sanjaya came before the judges, the sense of contempt in the air was unmistakable. His slicked-back hair style, faux moustache and even his wanna-be white gangsta’ suit couldn’t get him a compliment. At one point, Paula Abdul muttered inaudibly something about Sanjaya being a “beautiful flower in the atmosphere of joy,” but then nobody really pays any attention to her mumbling anyway.

Simon made a total joke out of Sanjaya’s performance, letting it be known that as far as he was concerned, Sanjaya should be kicked off the show immediately. “Lets try a different tactic this week,” Simon said. “Sanjaya, that was incredible,” he sardonicaly observed, no doubt hoping that this week would finally send Sanjaya packing for home.

But this season’s most talked-about American Idol contender either didn’t get or ignored Simon’s facetiousness and responded with an enthusiastic: “Thank you! Welcome to the universe of Sanjaya!” While this provides rather alarming testimony about the state of Sanjaya’s mental health, it also clarifies the fact that the intense hysteria over the 17-year-old pretty boy has gone to his well-coiffed head, which was carefully greased back and tucked behind his ears last night.

Developing…check back tomorrow….

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