Knut and Leonardo DiCaprio: Photography by Annie Leibovitz

Leonardo DiCaprio and Knut: Photography by Annie Leibovitz

While the Bush administration continues to waste time dithering about whether or not to add polar bears to the endangered-species list, the world has been celebrating the birth of Knut, the darling cub born in captivity at The Berlin Zoo.  Now four months old, little Knut has become a powerful symbol of what we have to lose to global warming.  Famed photographer Annie Leibovitz has taken Knut’s portrait for the cover of this year’s Vanity Fair Green Issue.

In behind-the-scenes photographs presented in the short slideshow below, Leibovitz and Vanity Fair Senior Photography Producer Kathryn MacLeod show Knut at home in The Berlin Zoo, and portray actor/environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio at the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, in southeast Iceland.

(Click Image for Slideshow)

Behind the Scenes at the Annie Liebovitz Cover Shoot of Knut

Knut at the Berlin Zoo

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    Ei, how cute the knut is! Anyone here familiar where we can see knuts? Can knuts be pet at home?


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