My Articles for Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The torch has passed from the modern version of French haute cuisine to something altogether new. It is an innovative culinary field that uses techniques that were formerly of interest only in the field of technology. Grant Achatz at Alinea in Chicago has most successfully mastered this latest revolution in nouvelle cuisine. Photographs and video are included.

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This posting captures the atmospheric pictures of Queen Elizabeth by the renowned American photographer, Anne Leibovitz. The portrait of the Queen, made public today, is set in the opulent White Drawing Room at Buckingham Palace. The portrait was commissioned to mark the Queen’s upcoming six-day trip to the U. S. The photographs are included.

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Democrats sent the Iraq war-spending bill to the White House this afternoon after a Capitol ceremony. Republican aides to President Bush confirmed that he will have vetoed it before nightfall. Bush continues to portray the war as an historic campaign to make the world safer, while Democrats see it as a tragic mis-adventure. Video included.

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This posting presents a video animation based upon the thoughts of Alan Watts. The recognition of our mortality is the most important part of life, but one that we are driven to deny. The extent to which we are able to entertain the sense of our mortality, the more plentiful are our resources for deciding how to live.

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