My Articles for Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Queen began her royal visit speaking at Virginia’s State Capitol, where Virginia Tech cadets formed an honor guard. The Queen expressed profound sadness about the Virginia Tech tragedy, and later met with a group of students. She then left for commemorative ceremonies at Jamestown and stayed the evening in Williamsburg. Photos and video are included.

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This multimedia piece is about the caste of “the other”: exiles, refugees, outcasts, untouchables, artists and writers. The image of “the other” as a fish “caught in the sand” is a metaphor, the grasping of which allows a greater awareness of mortality and thus an enhanced compulsion to survive. Photography and music included.

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Photograph of the Day: Let’s Just Call It Home. Upstairs, downstairs, comfortable, shabby, cluttered, busy, tacky, affordable portable, alley-finds, hardworking, banal? Take a look and you decide, because I sure can’t. Interesting use of color and lighting, though.

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