Scobleizer Land: An Ethical Odor

My H. L. Mencken Thoughts of the Day:

Today’s postings by Robert Scoble over at his technology blog were, to me at least, a bit strange.  Posts that were preoccupied with convincing the reader of Scoble’s integrity and high level of ethics, etc., etc.  You’ll have to excuse me, because something stinks.  Here, read them for yourself:

1. Writes about how loyal to he is to those who oppose the idea of having paid articles on blogs (although he also manages to slip in the name, thus giving publicity, to the major player in the pay-post movement):

2. Writes about how super-ethical he is as a major writer/blogger:

3. Under the guise of a review (if you could call it that), boosts an acquaintance’s book :

4. Writes a post that talks about products, then states a disclaimer, which thus manages to double the product mentions/advertisements or “placements” in that post.

All of this appeared in just one day’s bit of posting by Scoble on his blog.  Looks to me like quite a little marketing job is going on over there.  Do you get my drift?

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2 Responses to “Scobleizer Land: An Ethical Odor”

  1. drmike Says:

    Scoble’s been getting stuff wrong lately. That may be why.

  2. disembedded Says:

    I think that may be a contributing factor. I do know that the day I was reading his blog, some other tech writers were writing some fairly strident criticisms to him about what they perceived to be either faulty assumptions or a an almost total lack of factual basis for a position that he had taken about another tech person.

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