Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II: The Formal White House Dinner

Queen Elizabeth II: Photography by Annie Leibovitz

Queen Elizabeth Arriving at The White House on Monday Morning

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Multimedia Slideshow: The Welcoming Ceremonies

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The Queen’s Remarks During the White House Welcoming Ceremony

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At the White House welcoming ceremony this morning, Queen Elizabeth, who is near the end of her fifth visit to the former English colonies, remarked that she and her husband, Prince Philip, were happy for the chance to be at the White House once again. The queen went on to say:

A state visit provides us with a brief opportunity to step back from our current preoccupations to reflect on the very essence of our relationship,” she said.  “It gives us a chance to look back at how the stories of our two countries have been inextricably woven together.  It is a moment to take stock of our present friendship, rightly taking pleasure from its strengths, while never taking these for granted.  And it is a time to look forward, jointly renewing our commitment to a more prosperous, safer and freer world.”

Mr. Bush unintentionally set a relaxed tone to the White House gathering, making a verbal blooper, which he is so famously known to do.  “You helped our nation celebrate its bicentennial in 17 — in 1976,” he said as laughter broke out.  An Oedipal moment later, Mr. Bush said the queen had flashed him a look “that only a mother could give a child.”  That line brought even more laughter.  The gaffe was not his first big slip in front of the Queen.  When she visited the White House in 1991 during his father’s presidency, he said he was the black sheep of the Bush family.  He then asked: “Who’s yours?”  The Queen did not reply.

The Queen and Prince Philip have made previous appearances during the royal visit at Jamestown to mark the 400th Anniversary of the colony’s founding and at the running of the Kentucky Derby on Saturday.  This evening, they will be honored at a state dinner at the White House.  Before that, they will have attended a garden party at the home of the British ambassador, David Manning.  The White House State Dinner: The Official Guest List

Official Menu for the State Dinner

Photographs from the White House State Dinner

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Photo of the Day: Tribeca

Fire Escapes: Photography by Joseph O. Holmes, NYC

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My Articles for Sunday, May 06, 2007

Perhaps a new arts movement, maybe just another consumer trend, but something’s brewing in the modern art world. Some are calling it a boom in gay male art. One young gay artist says: “Everything others claim I am entitles me to a question. And the one question I have been working constantly to raise is, What exactly is gay now?”

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Quoted: (Click Image to View Flash Interactive Map) Hat Tip to Andrew Sullivan at The Daily Dish: “It’s noon on May 1. When better to launch a new blog-page? A little over a year ago, I had the idea of simply asking Dish readers to send in photographs of what they see from their own windows every day. This blog is more of a collective effort than it might

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Quoted: A Jailed Egyptian Dissident Blogger A popular Egyptian blogger who is widely known known for his withering criticisms of the government has been forced to give up writing after becoming the latest victim of the Egyptian state’s muffling of political dissenters. The blogger, known as Sandmonkey, signed off last week, writing that lately he had been

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