Banned Military Blogger Wins Blooker Prize Book Award

Killing Time In Iraq by Colby Buzzell has been named the winner of this year’s Lulu Blooker Prize Award for Books.  Buzzell’s book grew out of a military blog, which he started in 2004 while serving as a front-line machine-gunner based in Mosul, northern Iraq.  The blog ran for just eight weeks before being shut down by the US military.  Subsequently, however, news of the blog was widely noted in the media, and publishers offered Buzzell a book contract when he left the army in 2005.

His uncompromising style, laced with profanities and misspellings, is said to be reminiscent of authors such as Kurt Vonnegut and Hunter S. Thompson. Critics have praised the book for giving readers unique, real-life glimpses of military life that rarely emerge from official sources.

Last year’s winner of the Blooker Prize, Julie and Julia, is now being adapted into a film by When Harry Met Sally director Nora Ephron.


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