My Home Library is Open for Guests

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Visitors are welcome to browse through a selection of books from my home library. This small collection covers a wide range of reading interests, and reflects some of the ways that I think about a number of social and cultural issues. Careful readers will perceive that the particular selection of books being offered, along with the detailed manner in which the books are tagged, tells a story.

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My Articles for Sunday, May 20, 2007

“The Disappeared: Life’s Unspeakable Transience”

Accepting a tolerance for the ambivalence of death, the capacity to endure the fear of death lies within one’s ability to maintain in one’s awareness both sides of the imposing paradox raised by the prospect of death, namely that death renders life both meaningful and meaningless at the same time. Photographs, audio music and video are included.

[tags: The Disappeared, life, death, mortality, uncertainty, art, audio, video]

“Photo of the Day: The Rainbow Pole”

My Wonderful Photo of the Day: The Parisian Rainbow Pole. The rainbow pole that unexpectedly heralds World-Wide Gay Pride Day. A new symbol for Gay Pride Day emerges here.

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