Bob Dylan: Happy 66th Birthday!

Bob Dylan: Photography by Annie Leibovitz

Greenwich Village: The Early Years

Bob Dylan: Kennedy Center Honors and Documentary

Bob Dylan and Joan Baez: Blowin’ in the Wind

Bob Dylan: Emotionally Yours

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Photo of the Day: Ray’s Push-Ups

Boxing Photographs: Ray’s Push-Ups

Photography by Allison Grippo, NYC

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My Articles for Thursday, May 24, 2007

Last night in Washington, D.C., Obama unveiled a powerful campaign theme, destined to lead his charge toward winning the presidential campaign. “This is not who we are,” he twice inserted into his speech.

Obama alone has put a finger upon the very question Americans are asking. They will be listening attentively and hopefully to his vision about who we could be.

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There was a time when it was assumed that God had created a perfectly ordered the universe. In that universe, we assumed that each thing had its own place, clustered with other things like it, but also each essentially different from the other things in the cluster. The clusters were themselves clustered, creating a Tree of Everything.

Today, the idea of a perfectly ordered universe is gone. The task of creating world order has become something like: Go forth and Lump and Split. “Lumpers” take disparate things and combine. “Splitters” separate two things that are lumped together into smaller categories.

Bloggers and other social taggers tend to be one or the other, with their techniques driven by personality. So, go forth taggers: Lump and Split.

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Whenever I read a book, someone is speaking with me in their absence. Somewhat like being in a dream, I am hearing things, but there is no sound. The many advances of modern technology make us forget how truly incredible it is that people can communicate with us in their absence and after their deaths.

Reading a book allows us to touch upon a self one is true to in solitude, versus the self one is true to in the company of others. Beautiful photographs accompany this article.

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