Judge Orders Paris Hilton Back to the Slammer

Today, Superior Court Judge Michael T. Sauer ordered that Paris Hilton be returned to jail, and Ms. Hilton was taken from the courtroom screaming and crying.  “It’s not right!” shouted the weeping Hilton.

Earlier, Hilton had been seen sobbing after she was placed into a black-and-white patrol car at her Hollywood mansion while appearing to be in handcuffs.  The patrol car then sped away from her home with lights flashing as news helicopters pursued, broadcasting live television coverage.

The car that was carrying her disappeared into the courthouse’s underground parking lot, avoiding a swarm of news media, and her parents then arrived.  When Hilton finally was escorted by police deputies into the actual courtroom, she was disheveled, without makeup, hair askew and face red with tears.

In the hearing, Judge Sauer based his ruling upon arguments presented by the City Attorney.  The City Attorney’s complaint stated that the county sheriff did not have the right to reassign her to electronically monitored home detention after Hilton had spent only three days in jail for violating probation in her reckless driving case.

The frenzy had begun early yesterday, when sheriff’s officials released Hilton because of an undisclosed “alleged” medical condition and sent her home to stay at her Hollywood mansion under house arrest.  She had been in jail for only three days.  The decision by Sheriff Lee Baca to move Hilton angered prosecutors and Judge Sauer, who had clearly spelled out during the initial sentencing that Hilton was not allowed to serve house detention.

I at no time condoned the actions of the sheriff and at no time told him I approved the actions,” Judge Sauer stated.  “At no time did I approve the defendant being released from custody to her home.”  A fuming Judge Sauer said that despite promises to the contrary, the sheriff had not provided any medical evidence in support of Hilton’s reassignment to home arrest.

The news about Ms. Hilton dominated news coverage today.  At CNN, the news was breaking during the cable news network’s daily CNN International news hour.  The Paris Hilton story led the show after one commercial break, coming even before updates on the G8 Summit and Italy’s Rendition Trial.

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7 Responses to “Judge Orders Paris Hilton Back to the Slammer”

  1. Alex Hammer Says:

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  2. John King Says:

    Holy crap! The legal system worked as it should and we found that once again justice was blind (as she should be). Those guilty were punished accordingly.

  3. Red Baron Says:

    Have to say it serves her right, had she a legitimate medical condition that should have kept her out of jail then this would have been mentioned by her defence lawyers at trial and sentencing time. As it is, this is another example of someone who has had too much too young too often and simply cannot cope with the idea that she cannot buy or sob her way out of trouble.

    Time she grew up and got a small piece of the world the rest of us live in, if only for 45 days.

  4. garneringrightideas Says:

    45 days of grilled cheese rather than wine and cheese. I would be more sympathetic had during the coverage the truck with all of the party supplies for her “get out of jail free party” not have arrived.
    It will be interesting to see who wins the “pissing contest” between the Judge and the Sheriff.

  5. Claire Says:

    What a big baby. It’s not much more than a month and if she’d been responsible she wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place.

  6. LOR3N Says:

    It’s good to see the American justice system work, especially with the money of the Hilton name.

  7. raincoaster Says:

    The real horror in this sordid affair is that the second photo was taken by Nick Ut. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

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