Oh, My Goodness Gracious: A Cell-Phone Salesman Sings

A Cell-Phone Salesman Sings: And He Seizes the Moment!

Paul Potts’ Audition for Britain’s Got Talent: Puccini’s Nessun Dorma

Sometimes, even on one of those American Idol type talent shows, a brilliant light shines through so wonderfully that no one can fail to acclaim it. This particular show happens to be a British version of Idol, known as Britain’s Got Talent, also hosted by the often cranky Simon Cowell. Paul Potts, a cell-phone sales clerk from South Wales, is one of those totally unexpected lights. Listen, as he seizes his moment with an operatic performance of simple grandeur!

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Legendary Country Music Queen Loretta Lynn: Wildwood Flower

Loretta Lynn: “Wildwood Flower

Country Music Queen Loretta Lynn

June Carter and Johnny Cash: Photography by Annie Leibovitz

Wildwood Flower” was the last song on the final album that June Carter Cash recorded during her lifetime. Given such importance, the producers of the new tribute album “Anchored in Love: A Tribute to June Carter Cash” weren’t about to let just anyone deal with that particular song. In the end, they found a perfect match in the legendary country music star Loretta Lynn, who, at 72 years old, confers her still strong and sparkling voice upon a song that, like so much classic folk, is even sadder than it initially sounds.

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