Cell-Phone Salesman Paul Potts Dazzles the World: Wins the Finals!!

Paul Potts Dazzles the World: Wins the Finals!!

At his first audition for Britain’s Got Talent, Paul Potts, the mobil-phone salesman from South Wales, roused the audience members and stunned the judges with his renditions of opera classics.  After his next performance, it was announced that Paul Potts was the winner of the semi-final round, moving on to become a finalist in the competition that is searching for an act that would perform in front of the Queen at the Royal Variety Performance.

In the finals competition, the singing salesman once again gave a brilliant operatic performance of Puccini’s Nessun Dorma, thoroughly impressing Judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Piers Morgan and, most importantly, the television viewers at home.  And so, Paul Potts was proclaimed the winner of the Britain’s Got Talent Grand Finals competition.  All the world can now look forward to seeing this singing cell-phone salesman give a breathtakingly touching Royal Performance for Queen Elizabeth!!

Paul Potts’ Winning Performance in the Finals: Puccini’s “Nessun Dorma”

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17 Responses to “Cell-Phone Salesman Paul Potts Dazzles the World: Wins the Finals!!”

  1. abdul khalid Says:

    a truly fantastic performance.


  2. Walter Durling Says:

    An amazing voice. Paul Potts is the tenor of the XXI Century

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    […] Hela historien samt alla klipp finns samlat HÄR. […]

  4. sistergrim Says:

    From the first to this winning performance, I had goosebumps every time he sang.

  5. Jane McCarthy Says:

    Beautiful voice from a beautiful man.

    Thank you for being you, Paul.

  6. tamara Says:

    i watched the shows..got goosebumps every time he sang, what a performance.. go for it Paul..your life has just begun..keep us dazzled with your voice.
    A big fan from Belgium.

  7. SSH Says:

    Simon Cowell and Paul Potts: Voices of emotion?

    A charade that elicits my true emotions, especially if greedy, is a scam. “Britain’s Got Talent” show owner, Simon Cowell, recently was crowned with a virtuoso talent search winner, Paul Potts. A mutual contract is prized by both men. His operatic music will bless the world. “I am Paul Potts” rings true to every person’s value and hope for life. He has a magnificent voice. Yet, world class talent does not develop in a vacuum. Is Paul Potts’ “underdog” status formed by Simon Cowell to manipulate our emotions, and further fatten pocket books, unfairly? I shed tears and replayed video sections several times to take in the emotions of singer, judges, and audience. The only other event that exceeded my awe and wonder, in a different way, was the 9-11 twin towers attack. I was amazed with Paul Potts’ concentration, constant tonal pitch; diaphragm and full body delivery; formation from the full throat, vibrato control: absolute control of the craft. Hard work showed. Maybe he had been master trained.

    But, I heard Paul’s story at 0.00 on video, “… the world of show biz seems a million miles away. Its Paul, a mobile phone salesman from South Wales.”, and then from Simon Cowell at 3.51, “I like shows where somebody isn’t a professional, has talent, isn’t aware of it, has a normal job, and then you see something else.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oxTy7KIAaA&mode=related&search .

    I saw something else. Like expected: £8,000 prize [ about $16,000 U.S., now ] from Michael Barrymore’s TV talent show http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,2001320029-2007270918,00.htmlU, with extended tutelage from masters in Italy, four amateur opera productions, a concert with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, and previous plans for an upcoming summer tour with that Orchestra. Okay, but my emotions are for a guy who said that he has a dream to do what he feels he was born to do, but lacks confidence! Huh? How about promotional deals? On Paul Potts first TV interview after winning “Britain’s Got Talent” [ BTG ] he said, “You know, I’ve not taken up promotions before because people wanted me to change who I was, and I’m determined to be true to myself, because at the end of the day ….”. http://www.myspace.com/paul_potts Hum? E-motions: an unknown underdog singer who was bullied as a kid, shy, and now discovered! He refused pro-motions? He seems silently strong-minded.

    Okay, the music industry often tells entertainers who they should be; not let them be. That is negotiation and their choice. At 36 years old, he needs a good move. Switch camera: Simon Cowell spent 2 years forming the “Four Tenors” from three. Quintessential would be quints, a fifth tenor who has passion to make it big. “American Idol”, Simon’s company, can be British BTG in his old stomping grounds. There is a tenor who has refused promotions! Like a good Indian scout of yore listening for a buffalo stampede, Simon’s ear is tuned to packaging the product. Can he hear a stampede? If so, he wants it. Okay, money goes to people who bless us with worth! The 100,000 pound sterling “finders fee” is small compared to reward. If BGT can showcase discovery: one amateur, yet a mature operatic singer who is not promoted, then perhaps the last drop of bloody money can be wrung from innocence.

    Not his innocence. Ours. Simon’s announcement at the show that Paul Potts would be recording an album next week was sane business linkage to the world. It was business. But, to link my emotions of hope and faith and love of humanity, and to link my personal challenges to a hold-out person, without full disclosure of the full story, is miserly manipulation of my expectations! Not okay. Any contestant who approaches the stage will be known by the producerS; IN advance. It matters to uncover upsetting persons, especially when the prize is the door to a contract! That is what scouts do. It is how lead-in pieces about a contestant’s character are formed. Did this operatic scout use the whole BGT platform to launch a Paul Potts with great emoted emotion? Honest talent and emotion win. I want a good spirit, fair to the last words of Nessun dorma: Vincerò! Vincerò! Vincerò!, I shall win! I shall win! I shall win!

    The NBC New York city interviewer of Paul Potts posed a normal question, “… so, how did you learn to sing like this?” His answer, “Umm, I’ve always just sung – always sung. My voice has always been my best friend.” http://www.myspace.com/paul_potts Endearing; not learning. DEAR ME! The Paul Potts interview included a transition piece to NBC’s next show segment. The topic was ironically poignant: “Greed in America – why some people will do anything in search of easy money.”. Perhaps disclosures of Simon and Paul are not as full, nor as lyrical as other New York city namesakes, but they might have much in common with the June 21 MSNBC page item: “Martha Stewart on grilled chicken done right”. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/19054369/ Someone! Turn up the heat about “disclosure”!

  8. moodr Says:

    I think that he is going to get forgotten so easily. I give only 6 months for him to jump the shark.

  9. Vera Says:

    The article of SSH made me think. And really, how could have a common sales person learned to sing like that? Being 36-year-old? There was some hint in another blog that Paul Potts took classes with Pavarotti, so he is kind of a professional? Anyway, I enjoyed every bit of his singing, he IS the 4th tenor, and, Moodr, you are not right! Paul Potts will last, and last hopefully till the rest of his new life as a singer.

  10. mike_lee Says:

    You’re no one till somebody hates you.

    If your waitress mentions she is part time and you ask her what else she does to which she replies “Oh, I’m a professional actress.” What would you think?

    “How did you learn to sing like this” bit really irritated me. I’m a guitar player, I’ve worked hard at my craft just because I went to a Jazz guitar workshop once doesn’t give that workshop ownership of my skills from then on. For years I labored alone getting up early going to bed late studying, listening etc. Paul Potts was already a singer and went to a workshop big flipping deal. The kinds of things he would have learned would be physical in nature learning to manipulate parts of the anatomy (like the classic high note butt squeezer) Phrasing, breath attacks etc.

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  12. Joe McKee Says:


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  14. beachroses Says:

    SSH has been wandering around the internet trying to destroy Paul Potts with false innuendos. Amateurs are people who do not get paid for their performances, no matter who their teachers are. Every kid in this country (US) had music or dance lessons, when I was growing up.

    This is from an excellent article on Paul Potts, which sets the record straight. You can read the whole thing at:


    “He joined Bath Opera and performed four roles as an amateur. He had singing lessons when he could afford it and spent all his savings – around £12,000, including £8,000 he won answering music questions on Michael Barrymore’s My Kind Of Music – on opera singing courses in Italy. This has led to accusations that Paul is a “trained” performer, tutored by Pavarotti himself.

    “Everyone in Britain’s Got Talent had had some kind of training, including the kids. You don’t just walk out on stage and produce something out of nowhere, Paul explains. “If I were a trained opera singer, I’d have three years in a conservatoire behind me – and I haven’t. I spent three months studying in Italy in 2000 and six weeks in 2001 and I had to work 13-hour days for months to save enough money to go. I’ve never been paid for singing.

    “I have sung for Pavarotti in Italy when he came to hold a master-class, but he would be the first to admit he’s no teacher. He didn’t give instructions or make suggestions or even pass comment. I sang an aria by Rodolfo from La Boheme and ran out of breath and Pavarotti said, ‘Rodolfo wouldn’t run out of breath – you’d better sing me something else’.

    “I was the only one he asked to sing again so I took it as a great compliment. But again, he didn’t say anything about my performance. Someone else who was watching him told me his body language indicated he’d liked it. But I had auditioned to be allowed to sing for him in the first place.”

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  17. Susan Says:

    What a truly wonderful talent. Beautiful.

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