Influential Blogger Digby Comes Out: Take Back America

Netroots Blogger Digby: Take Back America Conference

Digby, the influential but until-yesterday anonymous political blogger, accepted an award at the Take Back America Conference yesterday on behalf of the “Progressive Blogosphere.”  Digby, of Digby’s Hullabaloo fame, turns out to actually a be woman, who has previously won the coveted Koufax Award for blog writing. Glenn Greenwald wrote about Digby’s acceptance speech today in Salon:

“When establishment journalists speak of the liberal blogosphere, it is virtually an article of faith that it represents the “far left,” that it is composed of the radical and fringe elements of liberalism. This week, the increasingly dishonest Fred Thompson castigated Harry Reid for participating on a conference call with bloggers from some of the largest liberal blogs by describing the participants as “fringe elements of the blogosphere who think we’re the bad guys.  This is a place where even those who think the 9/11 attacks were an inside job find a home.”

Before I began blogging in October, 2005, I was an avid reader of blogs.  What motivated me to begin blogging was that the most insightful and informed political analysis was to be found, far and away, on blogs, and I wanted to be part of that discussion.  And, as is true for thousands of people, I believed (and still do) that the most insightful political analysis of all came from the keyboard of Digby, who — until now — has shielded all parts of her identity, including her gender, behind her pseudonym.

Yesterday, Digby unmasked herself. Appearing at the Take Back America Conference in Washington, she accepted an award on behalf of all liberal bloggers and gave a truly superb speech about the blogosphere.  The speech in its entirety is worth watching, principally because it provides one of the most accurate portrayals of who bloggers are, what motivates them, their demographic diversity and the role they play — certainly far more accurate than the trite caricatures which are typically embraced by media mavens, including (albeit to a lesser extent) Jonathan Chait in his much-discussed New Republic cover story on the “netroots.”

The full version of Greenwald’s article can be read at Salon.

In addition, Joan Walsh has an article about Digby that also appears in Salon, which you can read here.

Political Blogger Digby: Take Back America Conference

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