America’s Version of Paul Potts: LA’s Talented “Boy Shakira”

Britain’s Got Talent gave us Paul Potts, the wonderful cell-phone opera singer.  Now, you’ve got to see this, the America’s Got Talent show came up with this winning act last week.  It’s LA’s absolutely awful “Boy Shakira.”  I don’t think Paul Potts has anything at all to worry about!

Luigi, 30, of Los Angeles performs as “Boy Shakira.”  “I do the Shakira performance,” he explained.  “I have lived a lot of things that she has lived.”  Except he doesn’t sing like the Colombian superstar does.  He does try to shake and dance much like she would though.  And, to his credit, the blond wig stays on.

Either the judges are getting to be pretty soft touches, or else they’re getting hip to the irony that makes the audience members behind them cheer.  When the votes were cast, the judges announced that “Boy Shakira” is going on to the Las Vegas callbacks.  The one judge adamantly against “Boy Shakira” was David Hasselhoff, who hit his X button early and said, “Absolutely 100 percent no.”  After the decision was announced, Hasselhoff got up and theatrically stormed off the stage in protest.  I can see why.  Have a look for yourself.

The Renowned Boy Shakira: He Dances, He Prances…

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Pictures of an Accelerated Grimace: Life in the City, Sometimes a Pity

Liquor and Wine, Brooklyn

Velvet Sofa, Manhattan

Eating in the Window, The Bowery

CBGB, The Lower East Side

Photography by: Joseph O. Holmes, NYC

Playing Ball, The Lower East Side

Father and Daughter

Photography by: Alison Grippo, NYC

An Accelerated Grimace: Life in the City

Photography by: Joseph O. Holmes and Alison Grippo (NYC)

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