WordPress.crap: WordPress Stifles Free Expression

WordPress.com cans one of its main Forums moderators, because he doesn’t toe the line.  So much for internet freedom at WordPress.  To them, it’s all about the money anyway!

A typical user’s response to this incident:

I’ve been around wordpress long enough now to know that things like fairness, honesty and accountability are foreign concepts to them, and every couple of months I watch another batch of people get disillusioned after they believed the rhetoric and thought they were decent guys.”

The WordPress Cyberborg: Pet Shop Boys

Cyberborg: The Pet Shop Boys

Read about it here, before WordPress deletes any mention of this incident:

You’ve been fired!

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8 Responses to “WordPress.crap: WordPress Stifles Free Expression”

  1. raincoaster Says:

    I don’t know if they’re sinister or just Aspergers’-level badly socialized, but I do know they need to hire them some people persons, ASAP. What they did to Dr Mike you wouldn’t do to a rabid possum.

  2. sulz Says:

    i love the first picture! i think the search engine image is a little biased though – doesn’t movable type have less users than wordpress, hence the lower numbers complaining that it “sucks”?

    but yes, at the moment, wordpress.com isn’t exactly not sucky.

  3. diamondfistwerny Says:

    Since I don’t know all the circumstances, I won’t jump on the anger bandwagon. But I will say I am a big fan of drmike; and hope that he can put this in a good place (in his head). WordPress has been good to me. And I think they kick ***, bending backwards for us. But I’m not much of an insider (with forums and what not!). It tends to feel too much like a chatroom. And that’s not my thing.

  4. disembedded Says:


    Your comments are basically “not-so-clever” swipes at those who disagree with what WP has done. You can’t even finish your first sentence without referring to disagreement as an “anger bandwagon” and the Forums as a “chatroom.” The rest is just your own “sucking up to WordPress” blather. Shame, shame on you for what you’ve written! I approved your comment just so that others could see it.

  5. drmike Says:

    The forums do seem like one giant chatroom. Gotta admit that I was against the Off Topic subforum when they put it up there.

    Oh well….

  6. disembedded Says:


    In this respect, I’m at somewhat of a disadvantage, because I’ve never been in a real chatroom. I was, however, one of the first to publish formal research studies on the nature of interpersonal internet communication (for example, Effects of Computer Conferencing on the Language Use of Emotionally Disturbed Adolescents, Behavior Research Methods, Instruments & Computers, Vol. 19 (2) Apr 1987, 224-230; see also, Behavior Research Methods, Instruments & Computers, Vol. 21(2) Apr 1989, 181-186).

    From this perspective, I do think that the interactive process in the Forums inevitably yields two kinds of communication, didactic and, to some degree and for some participants, communal. Even as a communal participant-observer, in the archaic Harry Stack Sullivan sense, I cannot but feel some sense of betrayal as a result of that which was enacted upon you.

    It is within the realm of communitas, cyberworld or not, that one comes to identify or empathize, to some extent, with that which one’s fellow travelers are experiencing. Unfortunately, there are some who are relatively lacking in the capacity to have sustained empathic relationships, who are also drawn to the world of internet technology, often seeking power rather than a shared sense of mutuality.

    Such individuals, I am afraid, are not very much different than the Asperger’s Disordered individuals whom one encounters in everyday life (in fact, they probably are). They do not really care about that which they inflict upon others, not because they are evil, but rather because their capacity to grasp the the emotional nature of the impact of their behaviors upon others is impaired.

    There are certain clear communicative indicators that can be seen in the writing styles of such individuals, which I might mention later.

  7. that girl again Says:

    What’s interesting about the WordPress project is that the image they seek to project has always been one of community, openness, working together etc. etc. But, in reality, the day-to-day interactions tend to be characterised by displays of power, secrecy, hierarchy and elitism.

    Not to mention sexism. The female/male ratio of active helpers in the wordpress.com forums is probably something like 60:40. The female/male ratio of people with moderator powers in the wordpress.com forums? 0:100. Female/male ratio of Automattic staff members? 1:13. Not that women are necessarily any more socially, emotionally or verbally adept than men, just that it’s not surprising that an organisation with no place for women should also fail to value ‘feminine’ qualities such as diplomacy and communication skills. Like raincoaster says, they need people people, but I somehow don’t think a people person would want to be working in that environment.

    Sooner or later another PR disaster is going to hit (not just a local storm like this, more likely something ad or business or censorship related) and they’re really going to be struggling because they don’t have anyone with the skills to deal with any degree of public outrage. Hell, they panicked and closed comments in the face of mild disgruntlement over feed stats.

  8. disembedded Says:


    I think that the manner in which I conveyed my thoughts about your comments earlier was too harsh, and I do apologize to you for that.

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