Geometry Face: YouTube and Modern Life

Michelle Slatalla writes in today’s edition of The New York Times:

“Zoe has the amazing ability, by doing nothing more than contorting her neck and jaw muscles, to transform her face into a square. Or a triangle. Or even a trapezoid.

Have I mentioned that she can do this without wrinkling her forehead?

Or that she is only 18?

I know what you’re thinking because we were thinking it, too:!

After 15 minutes of camerawork and another 10 minutes of editing, we were ready to upload. We expected “Geometry Face” (running time 1 minute 11 seconds) to quickly take its rightful place among such all-time favorites as “Talking Cats” (in which a cat that says “Mama” got 4,571,671 views), “Urban Ninja” (15,173,122 views for somersaults off a roof) and “How to Paint the Mona Lisa With MS Paint” (3,385,323).

To ensure a huge audience, we tagged “Geometry Face” with keywords we considered surefire lures: “doughnut,” “strange” and, for some reason, “sex” (Zoe’s idea). Then we sat back and waited for the calls from Hollywood.

After more than three months, our total views numbered 87. Perhaps the strange doughnut-sex category was more crowded than we anticipated. Or maybe “Geometry Face” wasn’t as funny as we thought. But why not?”

Geometry Face by Zoe

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