My Articles for Thursday, July 26, 2007

After a stormy season with the abrupt exit of Rosie O’Donnell, ABC’s daytime talk show, The View, is moving to bring aboard two new outspoken co-hosts: comedian Whoopi Goldberg and performer Sherri Shepherd. Final talks are underway, and a hiring announcement is expected next week.

A photograph of Whoopi Goldberg by Annie Leibovitz is included.

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“Condensation: Five Video Works” (which includes Death by a Thousand Cuts) is the first major solo exhibition of Chen Chieh-jen in the U.S. Chen’s video works are described by some critics as compelling in their sense of urgency about issues of politics, humanism, and social welfare. Photographs, a photo-gallery and video are included.

[tags: Condensation, Death by a Thousand Cuts, China, Taiwan, photographs, YouTube]

“Photo of the Day: Apartment Hunting Couple”

This is a beautiful, high-resolution photograph of a couple who are apartment-hunting late at night in Brooklyn.

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