The Silent Blogger, Naught to Write: Sitting in Awe of Computer Technology

This is Feeling Very, Very Happy

I haven’t written much the past few days. I am, however, having a relatively intense experience of unformulated thoughts. The expression of those thoughts here in the next couple of days will include details about my perspectives on the solidly integrative manner in which Barack Obama thinks, or contemplates ideas as issues in the process of deciding upon the methodology of practical initiatives in the present moment. Believe it or not, I will then integrate that discussion with a critique of Andrew Sullivan, his ruminations about religion, his somewhat obsessively narrow political preoccupations and an evaluation of the diminishing quality of his blog, The Daily Dish at The Atlantic Magazine, in general. Of course, a review of his blog will necessarily include my perspective on the current status of gay life. The little piece will then conclude with a discussion of the shamelessly unpleasant incompetence of The Drudge Report.

The situation that has been distracting me the past few days is, fortunately, a very happy one. I got a new computer, a 250G iMac G5 Intel Core Duo. Setting it up has been, interesting, both a breeze and a learning experience. I transferred all my files, and set up Bootcamp, Fusion, Windows XP2, Microsoft Office and more. So now, it’s back to the bloggery. But I’m a very, very happy man right now! And here’s the beautiful, magnificent machine:

The Mean Machine

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