My Articles for Thursday, August 23, 2007

“Photo of the Day: Night at the East River.” This is a stunning photograph of a man alone, gazing in dark solitude at New York’s East River. The photograph is presented in high-resolution.

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Grace Paley, the author and social activist who explored in pungent and tragicomic style the struggles of ordinary women muddling through everyday lives, died on Wednesday at home in Vermont. She also lived in New York’s Greenwich Village. Ms. Paley was New York’s first official state author and a poet laureate of Vermont. Photograph and video are included.

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The Columbia Journalism Review details how Matt Drudge continues to distort and poison political discourse in the media. Specifically, it details how The Drudge Report fabricated the so-called recent “cat-fight” between Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton, and how his distortions spread like wildfire through the mainstream media.

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