“Leave Britney Alone”: Chris Crocker’s Pathetic YouTube Performance Art

7 Responses to ““Leave Britney Alone”: Chris Crocker’s Pathetic YouTube Performance Art”

  1. The Holy Light Blue Says:

    I think he/she’s deffending something that can’t be deffended, britney’s performance on the VMA’s was patetic, with the big P, she really screwed it up, it was a complet mess,,., and WE ALL KNOW IT,., Chris , bad video, I love “the B**** bell” tho’, super funny, recommended!….

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  2. The Holy Light Blue Says:

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    Oh of course,.,. Birtney sucks,., I’m gonna help other hackers leak her album all over the net

  3. Brittney Says:

    I think that she was very not into it and that she sucked i mean she lookes like crap and she acred like that she didnt even want to be there.

  4. Brittney Says:

    i am not saying that she is fat i just think that she needs to act like she wants to be there and clean up a little bit better

  5. Ashlea Says:

    Chirs crocker is maybe taking the term “defend what you love” a little too seriously. Britney spears is a 20-somthing year old has-been, and she looks like she she was hardly there at the MVAs. Her clothes (or lack of them) shouldn’t be worn by any decent person, she needs to smarten up and grow up, its not cute to be playing barbie at her age, it looks like shes wearing a 6 year old girls clothes. If she wants to be respected she will start behaving like someone who deserves respect.

  6. Tony Says:

    hey this is good stuff man, I think we might be on the same wavelength here because I agree with you totally Tony

  7. Jim Mirkalami Says:

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