Two Irresistible Dirty TV Shows Premiere

Perez Hilton (Mario Lavandeira)

And now from Troy Patterson over at Slate Magazine:

“O tempora! O mores! Oh, snap! This week, both and Perez Hilton—two of new media’s most formidable purveyors of old-media scandal—made crossover moves to television. Two small steps for Internet gossip, one great leap forward for the tabloid mentality. The shows are raw and rude, and quick and mean, and right in step with a culture where flashing one’s vagina while exiting a car has evolved into a form of self-expression.”

Commenting on Perez Hilton’s scatological debut at the Video Music Awards, Patterson concluded that:

“I tried hating What Perez Sez, but it proved so fantastically easy to hate as to deny any satisfaction. So, sometime around the second commercial break, I moved on and tried to like it. This was disturbingly easy. The show is Hilton’s bid, a terribly credible one, to become the Barbara Walters of his generation. You relied on Baba to be misty and mawkish and to squeeze tears from celebrity eyes. Perez, meanwhile, was greasy and needy and delighted, in one instance, to elicit a literal fart. This is our culture, and he’s your man. “

Fascinated readers can access the whole sleazy story here.

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