The Hippie Dayze: A Documentary of the 1960s Counterculture

Hippies Gathered at 1969 Woodstock Festival

Jimi Hendrix: 1969 Woodstock Festival

Janis Joplin: 1969 Woodstock Festival

Janis Joplin Performing: 1969 Woodstock Festival

The Hippie Dayze: A Video Photo Gallery from the 1960s Counterculture

Woodstock Remembered: A 1969 Woodstock Festival Documentary

Janis Joplin Performing “Work Me Lord”: (1969 Woodstock Festival)

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4 Responses to “The Hippie Dayze: A Documentary of the 1960s Counterculture”

  1. OldHippie Says:

    Some people will try and convince you that Hippies are dead. This is complete nonsense. In fact, I am still a hardcore Hippie. One only needs to look at our society today to see the changes made by the Hippie movement in the sixties and seventies and you will realize that without such thinking our planet would now be a crispy, dead orb.

  2. Bratneh Says:

    Awesome sight man! I wish I could have been there.

  3. O'l Hippie Says:

    To Bad it took 40 years for them to find out we were right about where the earth and society was headed if they continued the way they were..
    We warned of global Warming, Deforestation, Pollution, Violence in future Generations, etc etc.
    now it’s to late to fix it.
    at least we tried.

  4. gladysday Says:

    No offense but, i knew plenty of people who didn’t happen to be hippies that said the same thing, so I think we were all of the same mind. No disrespect intended.

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