Visions of Silence

The images in the video photo-gallery presented below are conceptualizations of silence: the silence surrounding madness, the political silence enforced upon citizens by totalitarian regimes and dictatorships, and the intensely personal silence that is bound up with the burning desire to express oneself and unburden one’s soul.

Images of Silence: A Video Photo-Gallery

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4 Responses to “Visions of Silence”

  1. kvwphoto Says:

    The pillows really get the silence message across to me. It’s such a familiar, quiet sight.

    Where did you get the music in the video? Make it?

  2. disembedded Says:

    The music in the video was composed and performed by a contemporary music ensemble from Sweden.

  3. Gina Says:

    Simply lovely. I linked to you/this on my new blog in which I’m collecting stories about silence – please visit and tell your own tale. I love your site!

  4. Tomas Says:

    The silence sounds awful, but your photos look just awesome.
    That’s the magical wand of the art – you made me the happy. Wow, that’s the truth. Thank you for the sharing the light of the beauty – your dark tones are talking.
    I hope you will enjoy my pictures too. Just have a look at

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