Britney Spears Performs “Gimme More” with Godawful Stripper Pole Action

Britney Spears: Sings Gimme More, while Playing with Her Stripper Pole

Anonymous Pole Dancer

Interactive Britney Pole Dance at London’s Madame Toussads

Britney Spears: Singing Gimme More, Playing with Her Stripper Pole

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2 Responses to “Britney Spears Performs “Gimme More” with Godawful Stripper Pole Action”

  1. britney spears biggest fan Says:

    i am (as a real fan) very happy for britney spears that she kinda regained control over her life and that she shurely will be able to get back on tracks. her private life may still be complicated (visitation rights, custody case etc.) but she is no longer in life-threat. so i wish her the best and i can only beg the media to leave her alone a bit. if they would like to take many photos just point your cameras to paris hilton, she can cope with that (and always looks great …). britney: good luck!

  2. shime-kun Says:

    the second one is a boy : D

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