A Walk on the Wild Side: What a Weenie!!

A Walk on the Wild Side: Weenie-Man Takes a Stroll

Jaws were dropping yesterday morning when a Brooklyn hipster bopped around Times Square in the buff. Stunned passers-by stopped, stared and snapped pictures of him during his several-minutes-long naked stroll through the Crossroads of the World. Witnesses said that in yesterday’s bizarre jaunt, weenie-man first popped up around the Renaissance Hotel. At that point, he was strolling around in one black sock; then he ditched the sock and went the Full Monty.

After stripping to the altogether, he zigzagged back and forth along Seventh Avenue between West 47th and 48th streets in all his glory at around 11 a.m. It turns out that “naked guy” is a playwright and Yale graduate from Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The strip show came to an end when the police finally showed up.

There were, sadly, no curtain-calls.

The Hipster’s Nude Stroll around Times Square

The Naked Hipster Deals with the Police

The New York Observer published this interview with a former Brooklyn roommate of the now infamous weenie-man:

The roommate said that, “For about a year, starting around the fall of 2003, Josh was one of my roommates in a three-bedroom apartment in Williamsburg (which I’m sadly leaving very soon to move to Washington D.C.). I can’t remember exactly when, because like most shares near the Lorimer ‘L’ stop, there’s an endless stream of Craigslist-users, ‘hipsters,’ and—in Postnomenclature‘Brooklyn eccentrics’ moving in or out.”

So I didn’t really know…very well—say, well enough to determine whether he was engaged in performance art or a mental breakdown when he ran around Times Square naked yesterday.

But he is a playwright by trade, and a smart witty guy, so it could all be some kind of situationist prank.

Occasionally he had a theater improv troupe over to the apartment, so live performances aren’t new to him. But he was usually pretty low-key. And for the record, I never saw him naked. Until today—on the cover of the Post.

Now that’s what I call wood!

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Workspace: Semi-Private Spaces Carved from Public Work Lives

CBGB, The Bowery in New York City

Chickies, Brooklyn, NYC

Workspace, New York City

Photography by: Joseph O. Holmes, NYC

The Workspace Project

Workspace is a project by the New York City photographer Joseph O. Holmes. Holmes describes this project as an “ongoing attempt to examine the quasi-private spaces people carve out of their public work lives. Such spaces represent a tug of war between personal expression and comfort on the one hand and the unyielding demands of work on the other…Because I document a space exactly as I find it, never arranged for the camera, the Workspace project is necessarily a spontaneous process…What I end up capturing, then, turns out to be the work that was interrupted to answer the door.” These dense, complex, and fascinating images capture the part of peoples’ lives that is usually hidden from the rest of the world.

Workspace: Semi-Private Spaces Carved from Public Work Lives

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