Renowned Writer Alice Walker Endorses Obama: A Real, Complex and Compassionate Man

Renowned writer Alice Walker has chosen to back Barack Obama in the presidential campaign, describing him as a man who is open-minded, thoughtfully “real” and “complex.”  She sees him as someone who is literary, a characteristic that is essential for the deeper realization of the self and of other people.  For Walker, Obama is someone more like the rest of us.  He is strong, distinguished by a life of hard work and the capacity to compassionately listen to people, all kinds of people.  In her public endorsement, Alice Walker said that she feels joyful to think of finally having the chance to have someone “real” representing our country.

Renowned Writer Alice Walker Endorses Barack Obama

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One Response to “Renowned Writer Alice Walker Endorses Obama: A Real, Complex and Compassionate Man”

  1. Obama Fan Says:

    I’ll bet Alice Walker would be interested to know that Obama just joined a new online writer’s community, the Red Room. I’m gonna have to look into it more, looks pretty cool.

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