Photo of the Day: Double California Dreamers

Remembering Paragraphe 175

Brainport: Teaching the Tongue to See

Teaching the Tongue to See

h/t to Andrew Sullivan at The Atlantic Magazine.

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Photo of the Day: The Chelsea High Line-Faded Graffiti

Lists, Lists, Lists: CNET Publishes Its Top 100 Blog List

CNET Publishes Blog 100 List

With more than 14 million blogs in existence and another 80,000 being created each day, how is a person supposed to find the ones that are worth reading? That’s the question that CNET says it’s trying to help answer by publishing its first Blog 100 list.


Cutting Edge

Digital lifestyle

Law, Politics

Mac Nation

Open Source

Search, Media

Security, Threats


Tech Business

Web Culture

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The Articles from Monday, October 15, 2007

Renowned writer Alice Walker has endorsed Obama, seeing him as a man who is open-minded, thoughtfully “real” and “complex.” She feels he’s a man who is strong and compassionately listens to all kinds of people. Walker said she is joyful to finally get a chance to have someone “real” leading our country. The video of her endorsement is included.

[tags: Alice Walker endorses Obama, Alice Walker backs Obama, Barack Obama, politics, news, video, YouTube]

The three former Oral Roberts University professors have made public a detailed packet of information contained in their lawsuit. The full, unsubstantiated report now attached to their lawsuit contains new charges of sexual and other acts of misconduct with minors against Richard Roberts’ wife. This article includes photographs and videos.

[tags: Oral Roberts University scandal, Richard Roberts, religion, news, sex, photographs, video]

“Nelson Algren’s Chicago: Public Drama in a World Falling Apart.” A photographic essay on Nelson Algren’s Chicago: The City on the Make. This photo essay includes stunning, classic photographs presented in high-resolution, a photo-gallery and a documentary video titled “Algren’s Last Night.” This is a very thoughtful piece.

[tags: Nelson Algren, Chicago, celebrities, photographs, documentary film, YouTube]

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