Photo of the Day: Sexy Barebacking

Photo of the Day: Sexy Barebacking

Photography by: John Gutman

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Larry Craig (NOT GAY-R) Releases Music Video: “Toe Tappin’ with the Village People”

Yes, it’s true folks. That toe-tapping menace Larry (Not Gay) Craig, former star of Brokeback Bathroom, now has made an astonishing debut as a musical performer in his new music video, Toe Tappin’ with the Village People. Craig’s single is already rocketing to the top of the charts. A spokesman for his recording company, Big and Even Bigger Bananas, said that they anticipate that Craig’s amazing record will soon be outselling Britney Spears Gimme More!!

Larry Craig: Toe Tappin’ with the Village People

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The Articles from Tuesday, October 16, 2007

“Photo of the Day: Double Sexy California Dreamers.” California Dreamin’ is still alive and well in San Francisco! This compelling, eloquent photograph is presented in high-resolution and accompanied by a music video.

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Paragraphe 175 was a law with which the Nazis set out to rid Germany of homosexuality. Some 10-15,000 gay persons were sent to concentration camps, and fewer than 10 of them are known to still be alive. This posting is in remembrance of those who were lost.

Memorable, classic photographs and a video are included.

[tags: Remembering Paragraph 175, Paragraph 175, holocaust, Nazis, gay, photographs, video]

“Brainport: Teaching the Tongue to See.” New technology is helping blind persons to interpret touch as sight. A video and high-resolution photograph are included.

[tags: Brainport, touch as sight, blind persons, photograph, video, YouTube]

“Photo of the Day: The Chelsea High Line-Faded Graffiti.” The Chelsea High Line is a 22 block-long span of former elevated train track in Manhattan, soon to become just a part of history. This beautiful, high resolution photograph is a wonderful metaphorical statement about its loss, as well as about feelings of loss in general.

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With more than 14 million blogs in existence and another 80,000 created everyday, how is someone supposed to find the ones that are worth reading? That’s the question CNET says it’s trying to help answer with its first Blog 100 list. This article presents that Blog 100 List, along with links to the blogs. This is an excellent resource for bloggers!

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