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Fluorescent Moments

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The World’s Oldest Blogger: Miss Olive Riley Celebrates Her 108th Birthday

Miss Olive Riley Makes a Toast!

Miss Olive, will be turning 108 in two days. Over at Miss Olive’s blog, The Life of Riley, they’ve already started the celebration. The home that Olive lives at insists that they hold birthday celebrations on Weekdays. But heck, she’s already live 3,9417 days, so what’s another two, right?

Born in 1899 in Broken Hill Australia (outside of Sydney), Miss Olive started her blog, what she calls a “blob,”in February of this year. The entries consist largely of Riley’s transcriptions to her friend Mike, where she talks about her day to day events and tells stories from her 108 years of life.

All About Olive

Miss Olive’s Birthday Party

ABC News: Miss Olive’s Birthday Party

You can read my previous article about Miss Olive here.

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