Appalling New Video Footage of Anna Nicole

In this exclusive shocking new video footage of Anna Nicole Smith, she displays severely impaired reality testing abilities, possibly devastated by substance use or abuse.  Watch this new video footage below:

Shocking Video Footage of Anna Nicole Smith

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Purses: The Handbag Fetish as an Invention of Slavery

Goin’ To Hell In A Handbag

The Handbag: A Shrewd Invention, Indeed

Recently, one writer has humorously suggested that the handbag may just be a shrewd invention on the part of men and the social system of patriarchy to keep women enslaved.  The dead white male who invented it knew that it was an accessory that women wouldn’t be able to resist.  If one thinks from a somewhat more benign perspective, anthropologically handbags may be a vestigial expression of women’s biological desire to nest, needing to feel that all the necessities of life are immediately within reach.  And these necessities have increased in number as civilization has grown more complex.

Whatever the origin of the need for handbags, Paula Marantz Cohen admits to having a fetishistic love of handbags that would probably require years of psychoanalysis to be rid of.  From there, she goes on to say that given that she knows a lot on the subject, she might as well share her knowledge with anyone interested.  And it’s quite a hilarious chronicle of all her tidbits and advice about handbags, which you can read here.

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Photo of the Day: The Very Sexy Macho Man

Photo of the Day: The Very Sexy Macho Man

Photography by:  Adrian Reilly

The Village People: Macho Man

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My Dots for Tuesday, October 23, 2007

This article discusses whether we should think of a particular blog as successful if it gets loads of page views everyday. Furthermore, should the blog be judged a failure or worthless if only a handful of people actually read it? How do we judge the success of a blog? Or, for instance, our own blog? A photograph is included.

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“Photo of the Day: Rat Race.” This is a beautiful black and white photograph, presented for you in stunning high-resolution. The photograph is accompanied by a post-modern music video, also rendered in black and white.

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What Makes a Blog Great?

Should we think of a particular blog as being a successful one if it gets a loads of page views everyday?  Furthermore, if we might use the same logic, should the blog be judged a failure or worthless if only a handful of people actually read it?  Thomas Bartlet over at The Chronicle of Higher Education recently took up this issue, writing:

“That’s what Another Damned Medievalist, who has been blogging for more than five years (an eternity in Internet time), asked recently.  By all means add a few hits to ADM’s counter by clicking through.  Judging the success of a blog by its page views is sort of like rating a movie by its box-office tallies, a TV show by its Neilsen ratings, or a book by its place on the best-seller list.

By that standard, the best movie in the country is 30 Days of Night, the best TV show is Dancing With the Stars, and the best novel is World Without End, by Ken Follett.


And I agree.


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