What Makes a Blog Great?

Should we think of a particular blog as being a successful one if it gets a loads of page views everyday?  Furthermore, if we might use the same logic, should the blog be judged a failure or worthless if only a handful of people actually read it?  Thomas Bartlet over at The Chronicle of Higher Education recently took up this issue, writing:

“That’s what Another Damned Medievalist, who has been blogging for more than five years (an eternity in Internet time), asked recently.  By all means add a few hits to ADM’s counter by clicking through.  Judging the success of a blog by its page views is sort of like rating a movie by its box-office tallies, a TV show by its Neilsen ratings, or a book by its place on the best-seller list.

By that standard, the best movie in the country is 30 Days of Night, the best TV show is Dancing With the Stars, and the best novel is World Without End, by Ken Follett.


And I agree.


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