Looking at You: And You the Same

On Attachment: Looking at You, Looking at Me, Looking at You

Looking at You: And You The Same

Feeling Connected

I’m looking at you
Looking at me
Looking at you
And you the same.

Disembedded, 2005


Looking at You, Looking at Me, Looking at You

Please Note: I have written a comment about this posting, and I hope very deeply that you might read it and, perhaps, respond. My very best wishes to you.
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6 Responses to “Looking at You: And You the Same”

  1. disembedded Says:

    A “Backstage” Note:

    I took pleasure in putting a great deal of painstaking time, attention and affection into the multimedia composition of this piece. I very deeply hope that you found some aspect of it enjoyable or that some feature evoked some thought or thoughts for you. Please, please comment with your thoughts or feelings, or even anything else that you might wish to express.

    My very, very best wishes to you.

  2. alexandra Says:

    i looked up mutative internalization, with the information on it i also stumbled upon alot of really interesting stuff about theories of connection and relationships ect.
    Human relationships are so amazing and i can understand them on an intelectual level, but sometimes they are still too much for me emotionaly.
    i like the people animal shots. animals are so much simpler.

  3. disembedded Says:

    Hi Alexandra,

    Yes, human relationships truly are amazing. Even for me, sometimes the emotional part can be somewhat overpowering (bewildering) at first, and I need to step back for a while. But not to escape, but rather to return to it when I’ve gotten my bearings a bit more set. And often, the “intellectual level,” as you put it, helps to do just that.

    Best wishes to you.

  4. Whatever-ishere Says:

    thanks for the GREAT post! Very useful…

  5. Bola Says:

    These are wonderful images. You are obviously very passionate about your work. Thanks for sharing.

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