It’s Bloody War!!

It’s a Bloody Animator versus Animation War!!

It’s War!!

It’s Bloody War!!

Animation by:  Alan Becker

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14 Responses to “It’s Bloody War!!”

  1. ricklondon Says:

    Nice work Alan. Brings whole new meaning….
    stick people with guns? We all know that guns don’t kill stick people, stick people with guns kill people. Anyway, nice work.

  2. gregoryweiss Says:


  3. spike. Says:

    That was great.

  4. কাপালিক Says:

    WOW 🙂

    Great animation!! What did you make it with? Director??

  5. nataliak Says:

    Wow! Excellent!

  6. elwoodin Says:

    that is ingenious. Would that I could. Very good. Wish I had done that, cause it is really good.

    With what program did you do that with?


  7. katm Says:

    Awesome. Too funny!

  8. emidi Says:

    that is real fun!!!

  9. Vikas Says:

    Whoa !! That’s really cool !!

  10. mozzkitty Says:

    aw that was cool. that’s what my boyfriend is going to school for. he wants to work for pixar

  11. iwan binanto Says:

    The idea is great!
    can I download this animation ?

  12. disembedded Says:

    If you do, please make sure you credit the animator, Alan Becker

  13. reborn2603 Says:

    awesome dude, i love it
    I really enjoyed it as i’m a flash developer…keep em comeing

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