The Secret of Hillary and Obama

Their previously unspoken love story:

Endless Love

h/t to Andrew Sullivan at The Atlantic Magazine.

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In Defense of France

In Defense of France

Many people pick on the French a lot, and the arrogant snobs usually deserve it. Their waiters look down their noses at you if you can’t pronounce every word on the menu perfectly, they’re constantly surrendering to the Germans, they consider stuffed goose livers a delicacy, and their women don’t shave their armpits.

That said, Bill Maher makes some excellent points on their behalf:

h/t to Lugosi

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Picture of the Day: Who You Be Callin’ a “HO”!!!

Picture of the Day: Who You Be Callin’ a “HO”!!!

Illustration by: Sean Delonas

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Oprah Winfrey Joins Obama on the Presidential Campaign Trail


Oprah Winfrey, one of the most popular women in the country, will be campaigning with her friend, White House presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), in three early primary states. These details of Oprah’s participation in Obama’s campaign have been released so far: Winfrey and Obama will be in Iowa on December 8th for events in Des Moines and Cedar Rapids, making additional campaign appearances in Columbia, South Carolina and Manchester, New Hampshire on December 9th.


Winfrey, from Chicago, of course, endorsed Obama very early on, although she has hosted on her show and been very gracious to Hillary Clinton and the Edwardses. Winfrey has generally abstained from using her enormous influence and audience to influence American politics, but her friendship with Barack and Michelle Obama extends deep enough, and, perhaps, the teachable moment is just too tempting enough for her to bear.


The Clinton campaign has been worried about the prospect of Winfrey campaigning. She is not only, of course, the richest African American woman in the world, she is probably the most popular woman in the United States, and, like Obama, her appeal transcends every barrier that is put up in her way. The Clinton campaign needs women, married women, single women, upscale and downscale, to not have second thoughts about Hillary, especially in the early states. Winfrey’s highest audience, incidentally, is among working class women, precisely the sub-demographic group that Clinton absolutely needs to win.


Judging by the online real estate devoted to her appearances, the Obama campaign wants these crowds to be utterly, transcendently huge.

Oprah Winfrey Campaigning with Obama

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